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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Gable and Lombard

Gable and Lombard

Release Date: Wednesday, February 11 1976 (46 years ago)
Portrait of James BrolinJames Brolin
Clark Gable
James Brolin was:
Portrait of Jill ClayburghJill Clayburgh
Carole Lombard
Jill Clayburgh was:
Portrait of Allen GarfieldAllen Garfield
Louis B. Mayer
Allen Garfield was:
Portrait of Red ButtonsRed Buttons
Ivan Cooper
Red Buttons was:
Portrait of Joanne LinvilleJoanne Linville
Ria Gable
Joanne Linville was:
Portrait of Melanie MayronMelanie Mayron
Melanie Mayron was:
Portrait of Carol McGinnisCarol McGinnis
Carol McGinnis was:
Portrait of Noah KeenNoah Keen
A. Broderick
Noah Keen was:
Portrait of Alan DexterAlan Dexter
Sheriff Ellis
Alan Dexter was:
Portrait of S. John LaunerS. John Launer
The Judge
S. John Launer was:
Portrait of William BryantWilliam Bryant
William Bryant was:
Portrait of Alice BackesAlice Backes
Hedda Hopper
Alice Backes was:
Portrait of John LehneJohn Lehne
Attorney Kramer
John Lehne was:
Portrait of Robert KarnesRobert Karnes
Gable's Director
Robert Karnes was:
Portrait of Betsy Jones-MorelandBetsy Jones-Moreland
Party Guest
Betsy Jones-Moreland was:
Portrait of Ross ElliottRoss Elliott
Lombard's Director
Ross Elliott was:
Portrait of Morgan BrittanyMorgan Brittany
Vivien Leigh
Morgan Brittany was:
Portrait of Leoda RichardsLeoda Richards
Movie Premiere Guest
Leoda Richards was:
Portrait of Jodean LawrenceJodean Lawrence
Party Guest (as Jodean Russo)
Jodean Lawrence was:
Portrait of Drew MichaelsDrew Michaels
Party Guest
Drew Michaels was:
Portrait of Aron KincaidAron Kincaid
Aron Kincaid was:
Portrait of Richard GittingsRichard Gittings
Party Guest
Richard Gittings was:
Portrait of Sally KempSally Kemp
Party Guest
Sally Kemp was:
Portrait of Army ArcherdArmy Archerd
Army Archerd was:
Portrait of Frank AshmoreFrank Ashmore
Frank Ashmore was:
Portrait of Jack GriffinJack Griffin
Gate Guard
Jack Griffin was:
Portrait of Andy AlbinAndy Albin
Forest Ranger
Andy Albin was:
Portrait of Ivan BonarIvan Bonar
Ivan Bonar was:
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