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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man

Release Date: 2005-06-02 (16 years ago)
Russell Crowe
Jim Braddock
Russell Crowe was:
Renée Zellweger
Mae Braddock
Renée Zellweger was:
Paul Giamatti
Joe Gould
Paul Giamatti was:
Craig Bierko
Max Baer
Craig Bierko was:
Paddy Considine
Mike Wilson
Paddy Considine was:
Bruce McGill
Jimmy Johnston
Bruce McGill was:
David Huband
Ford Bond
David Huband was:
Connor Price
Jay Braddock
Connor Price was:
Ariel Waller
Rosemarie Braddock
Ariel Waller was:
Patrick Louis
Howard Braddock
Patrick Louis was:
Rosemarie DeWitt
Rosemarie DeWitt was:
Linda Kash
Lucille Gould
Linda Kash was:
Nicholas Campbell
Sporty Lewis
Nicholas Campbell was:
Gene Pyrz
Gene Pyrz was:
Chuck Shamata
Father Rorick
Chuck Shamata was:
Ron Canada
Joe Jeanette
Ron Canada was:
Alicia Johnston
Alicia Johnston was:
Troy Amos-Ross
John Henry Lewis
Troy Amos-Ross was:
Mark Simmons
Art Lasky
Mark Simmons was:
Art Binkowski
Corn Griffin
Art Binkowski was:
David Litzinger
Abe Feldman
David Litzinger was:
Matthew G. Taylor
Primo Carnera
Matthew G. Taylor was:
Rance Howard
Announcer Al Fazin
Rance Howard was:
James Ritz
Official (Griffin / Baer Fight)
James Ritz was:
Fulvio Cecere
Referee McAvoy
Fulvio Cecere was:
Clint Howard
Clint Howard was:
Gerry Ellison
Gerry Ellison was:
Bill Mackie
Bill Mackie was:
Ray Marsh
Ray Marsh was:
Fernand Chretien
Fernand Chretien was:
Dave Dunbar
Dave Dunbar was:
Ken James
Ancil Hoffman
Ken James was:
Rufus Crawford
Lewis Coach
Rufus Crawford was:
Angelo Dundee
Angelo the Cornerman
Angelo Dundee was:
Lou Eisen
Braddock Cornerman
Lou Eisen was:
Wayne Gordon
Braddock Cornerman
Wayne Gordon was:
Wayne Flemming
Baer Cornerman
Wayne Flemming was:
Nick Alachiotis
Baer Cornerman / Undercard Boxer (Feldman)
Nick Alachiotis was:
Christopher D. Amos
Lewis Cornerman
Christopher D. Amos was:
Nick Carusi
Lewis Cornerman
Nick Carusi was:
Keith Murphy
Lasky Cornerman
Keith Murphy was:
Everton McEwan
Lasky Cornerman
Everton McEwan was:
John Kalbhenn
Lasky Cornerman
John Kalbhenn was:
David Georgieff
Griffin Cornerman
David Georgieff was:
Wayne Bourque
Griffin Cornerman
Wayne Bourque was:
Paul Ryan
Griffin Cornerman
Paul Ryan was:
Sean Gilroy
Feldman Cornerman
Sean Gilroy was:
Michael McNamara
Feldman Cornerman
Michael McNamara was:
Billy Wine
Carnera Cornerman
Billy Wine was:
Richard Bachynsky Hoover
Carnera Cornerman
Richard Bachynsky Hoover was:
Michael Chin
Carnera Cornerman
Michael Chin was:
Stewart Lunn
Campbell Cornerman
Stewart Lunn was:
Richard Lewis
Campbell Cornerman
Richard Lewis was:
Peter Wylie
Campbell Cornerman
Peter Wylie was:
Thomasz Kurzydlowski
Tuffy Griffith
Thomasz Kurzydlowski was:
Stuart Clark
Frankie Campbell
Stuart Clark was:
Julian Lewis
Undercard Boxer (Feldman)
Julian Lewis was:
Eric Fink
Announcer (Lasky)
Eric Fink was:
Sergio Di Zio
Young Reporter
Sergio Di Zio was:
Gavin Grazer
Gavin Grazer was:
Boyd Banks
Boyd Banks was:
Daniel Kash
Daniel Kash was:
Judah Katz
Judah Katz was:
Angelo Tsarouchas
Angelo Tsarouchas was:
Robert Norman Smith
Robert Norman Smith was:
Craig Warnock
1928 Fan
Craig Warnock was:
Aaron Abrams
1928 Fan
Aaron Abrams was:
Duff MacDonald
1935 Fan
Duff MacDonald was:
Andrew Stelmack
1935 Fan
Andrew Stelmack was:
Christopher Crumb
1935 Fan
Christopher Crumb was:
Gerry Quigley
Gerry Quigley was:
Peter MacNeill
Electric Man
Peter MacNeill was:
Darrin Brown
Darrin Brown was:
John Healy
Dock Worker
John Healy was:
Piero Didiano
Dock Worker
Piero Didiano was:
James Kirchner
Dock Worker
James Kirchner was:
Michael Langlois
Dock Worker
Michael Langlois was:
Magdalena Alexander
Angry Woman
Magdalena Alexander was:
Nola Augustson
Relief Office Woman
Nola Augustson was:
Gino Marrocco
Gino Marrocco was:
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor was:
Sharron Matthews
Sharron Matthews was:
Alec Stockwell
Church Man
Alec Stockwell was:
Chick Roberts
Church Old Man
Chick Roberts was:
Isabella Fink
Church Girl
Isabella Fink was:
Beau Starr
Beau Starr was:
Philip Craig
Radio Commentator
Philip Craig was:
Roman Podhora
Hooverville Cop
Roman Podhora was:
R.D. Reid
Hooverville Cop
R.D. Reid was:
Michael Dyson
Hooverville Man
Michael Dyson was:
Sam Malkin
Sam Malkin was:
Tony Munch
Sam Penny
Tony Munch was:
Conrad Bergschneider
Limo Driver
Conrad Bergschneider was:
Richard Binsley
Announcer (Griffith)
Richard Binsley was:
Ramona Pringle
Flapper Girl
Ramona Pringle was:
Katrina Matthews Swain
Flapper Girl
Katrina Matthews Swain was:
Cooper Bracken
Jay Braddock (4 yrs.)
Cooper Bracken was:
Jacob Bracken
Jay Braddock (4 yrs.)
Jacob Bracken was:
Alon Nashman
Deserting Father
Alon Nashman was:
Dominic Cuzzocrea
Dominic Cuzzocrea was:
Neil Foster
Security Guard
Neil Foster was:
Brian Jagersky
Brian Jagersky was:
Ray Kerr
Fight Promoter
Ray Kerr was:
Tim Eddis
Fight Promoter
Tim Eddis was:
Dave Arkell
Mr. Mills
Dave Arkell was:
Debra Sherman
Debra Sherman was:
Joanne Ritcey
Baer Hotel Hottie
Joanne Ritcey was:
Alex Cairns
Baer Hotel Hottie
Alex Cairns was:
George Duff
Man on Street
George Duff was:
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