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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Subterraneans

The Subterraneans

Release Date: 1960-06-23 (60 years ago)
Leslie Caron
Mardou Fox
Leslie Caron was:
George Peppard
Leo Percepied
George Peppard was:
Janice Rule
Janice Rule was:
Roddy McDowall
Yuri Gilgoric
Roddy McDowall was:
Anne Seymour
Charlotte Percepied
Anne Seymour was:
Jim Hutton
Adam Moovad
Jim Hutton was:
Scott Marlowe
Julien Alexander
Scott Marlowe was:
Arte Johnson
Arial Lavalerra
Arte Johnson was:
Ruth Storey
Ruth Storey was:
Bert Freed
Bert Freed was:
Gerry Mulligan
Rev. Joshua Hoskins
Gerry Mulligan was:
Carmen McRae
Carmen McRae was:
André Previn
André Previn was:
Shelly Manne
Shelly Manne was:
Red Mitchell
Red Mitchell was:
Art Farmer
Art Farmer was:
Dave Bailey
Dave Bailey was:
Buddy Clark
Buddy Clark was:
Russ Freeman
Russ Freeman was:
Art Pepper
Art Pepper was:
Bob Enevoldsen
Bob Enevoldsen was:
Bill Perkins
Himself (as William R. Perkins)
Bill Perkins was:
Frank Hamilton
Frank Hamilton was:
Carmen Phillips
Milly (uncredited)
Carmen Phillips was:
Maggie Pierce
Redhead (uncredited)
Maggie Pierce was:
John Damler
Cop (uncredited)
John Damler was:
John Hart
Cop (uncredited)
John Hart was:
Frank Wolff
Bearded Man (uncredited)
Frank Wolff was:
Sara Harte
Bearded Man's Wife (uncredited)
Sara Harte was:
Estelle Etterre
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Estelle Etterre was:
Nanette Fabray
Society Woman (uncredited)
Nanette Fabray was:
Rodney Bell
Balloon Man (uncredited)
Rodney Bell was:
Kelton Garwood
Book Store Proprietor (uncredited)
Kelton Garwood was:
Paul Sand
Poet (uncredited)
Paul Sand was:
Patricia Sayers
Fat Girl (uncredited)
Patricia Sayers was:
Romney Tree
Thin Blonde (uncredited)
Romney Tree was:
Joyce Perry
Bit Role (uncredited)
Joyce Perry was:
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