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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Ransom


Release Date: Friday, December 6 1974 (48 years ago)
Portrait of Sean ConnerySean Connery
Col. Nils Tahlvik
Sean Connery was:
Portrait of Ian McShaneIan McShane
Ray Petrie
Ian McShane was:
Portrait of Jeffry WickhamJeffry Wickham
Capt. Frank Barnes
Jeffry Wickham was:
Portrait of Isabel DeanIsabel Dean
Mrs Palmer
Isabel Dean was:
Portrait of Robert HarrisRobert Harris
Ambassador Palmer
Robert Harris was:
Portrait of James MaxwellJames Maxwell
James Maxwell was:
Portrait of Harry LandisHarry Landis
Lookout Pilot
Harry Landis was:
Portrait of Alf MallandAlf Malland
Police Inspector
Alf Malland was:
Portrait of Christopher EllisonChristopher Ellison
Christopher Ellison was:
Portrait of William FoxWilliam Fox
William Fox was:
Portrait of Colin ProckterColin Prockter
Colin Prockter was:
Portrait of Preston LockwoodPreston Lockwood
Brigadier Hislop
Preston Lockwood was:
Portrait of John QuentinJohn Quentin
Martin Shepherd
John Quentin was:
Portrait of John CordingJohn Cording
John Cording was:
Portrait of Richard HamptonRichard Hampton
Richard Hampton was:
Portrait of Kaare KroppanKaare Kroppan
Kaare Kroppan was:
Portrait of Frimann Falck ClausenFrimann Falck Clausen
Frimann Falck Clausen was:
Portrait of Knut M. HanssonKnut M. Hansson
Knut M. Hansson was:
Portrait of Knut WigertKnut Wigert
Knut Wigert was:
Portrait of Malcolm RennieMalcolm Rennie
Malcolm Rennie was:
Portrait of Norman BristowNorman Bristow
Norman Bristow was:
Portrait of Karen MaxwellKaren Maxwell
Karen Maxwell was:
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