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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Doomwatch: Winter Angel

Doomwatch: Winter Angel

Release Date: Tuesday, December 7 1999 (23 years ago)
Portrait of Trevor EveTrevor Eve
Neil Tannahill
Trevor Eve was:
Portrait of Amanda OomsAmanda Ooms
Meg Tannahill
Amanda Ooms was:
Portrait of Philip StonePhilip Stone
Spencer Quist
Philip Stone was:
Portrait of Dallas CampbellDallas Campbell
Hugo Cox
Dallas Campbell was:
Portrait of Allie ByrneAllie Byrne
Teri Riley
Allie Byrne was:
Portrait of Miles AndersonMiles Anderson
Toby Ross
Miles Anderson was:
Portrait of Steve ToussaintSteve Toussaint
Steve Toussaint was:
Portrait of Willie RossWillie Ross
Mr Fulton
Willie Ross was:
Portrait of Michael SheenMichael Sheen
Michael Sheen was:
Portrait of David BradleyDavid Bradley
David Bradley was:
Portrait of Judy LoeJudy Loe
Judy Loe was:
Portrait of Bob ShermanBob Sherman
Bill Zeiss
Bob Sherman was:
Portrait of Ben CromptonBen Crompton
Ewan McAllister
Ben Crompton was:
Portrait of John VineJohn Vine
Special Branch Officer
John Vine was:
Portrait of Christian RodskaChristian Rodska
Shaston Driver
Christian Rodska was:
Portrait of Francesca BrownFrancesca Brown
Hannah Tannahill
Francesca Brown was:
Portrait of Olivia HallinanOlivia Hallinan
Jessica Tannahill
Olivia Hallinan was:
Portrait of Gillian BargeGillian Barge
Gillian Barge was:
Portrait of Janet HenfreyJanet Henfrey
Janet Henfrey was:
Portrait of David GilliamDavid Gilliam
Jack Sankey
David Gilliam was:
Portrait of Rob DixonRob Dixon
Security Guard
Rob Dixon was:
Portrait of Rebecca LambRebecca Lamb
Plainclothes Woman
Rebecca Lamb was:
Portrait of Jessica TurnerJessica Turner
Minister of Science and Research
Jessica Turner was:
Portrait of Grant ParsonsGrant Parsons
Civil Servant
Grant Parsons was:
Portrait of Wolf KahlerWolf Kahler
Director of Ortogene
Wolf Kahler was:
Portrait of Chu OmambalaChu Omambala
Chu Omambala was:
Portrait of Aliza JamesAliza James
Aliza James was:
Portrait of Ged SimmonsGed Simmons
Police Sergeant
Ged Simmons was:
Portrait of Lawrence ElmanLawrence Elman
Omasoft Exec 1
Lawrence Elman was:
Portrait of Norman NaudainNorman Naudain
Omasoft Exec 2
Norman Naudain was:
Portrait of Martin McGladeMartin McGlade
Security Operator 1
Martin McGlade was:
Portrait of John CordingJohn Cording
Security Operator 2
John Cording was:
Portrait of Gordon GriffinGordon Griffin
Crane Operator
Gordon Griffin was:
Portrait of Alison RaineAlison Raine
Alison Raine was:
Portrait of Ben BishopBen Bishop
Ben Bishop was:
Portrait of Raji JamesRaji James
Raji James was:
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