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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Lucky Christmas

Lucky Christmas

Release Date: Saturday, November 12 2011 (11 years ago)
Portrait of Elizabeth BerkleyElizabeth Berkley
Holly Ceroni
Elizabeth Berkley was:
Portrait of Jason Gray-StanfordJason Gray-Stanford
Mike Ronowski
Jason Gray-Stanford was:
Portrait of Samantha KendrickSamantha Kendrick
Samantha Kendrick was:
Portrait of Julia ArkosJulia Arkos
Julia Arkos was:
Portrait of Mitchell KummenMitchell Kummen
Mitchell Kummen was:
Portrait of Mike BellMike Bell
Mike Bell was:
Portrait of Megan MacArtonMegan MacArton
Megan MacArton was:
Portrait of Robert HuculakRobert Huculak
Robert Huculak was:
Portrait of Stephen Eric McIntyreStephen Eric McIntyre
Stephen Eric McIntyre was:
Portrait of Kelly WolfmanKelly Wolfman
Kelly Wolfman was:
Portrait of Alicia JohnstonAlicia Johnston
Alicia Johnston was:
Portrait of John B. LoweJohn B. Lowe
John B. Lowe was:
Portrait of Mariam BernsteinMariam Bernstein
Mariam Bernstein was:
Portrait of Kyle NobessKyle Nobess
Kyle Nobess was:
Portrait of Ross McMillanRoss McMillan
Lottery Official
Ross McMillan was:
Portrait of Gordon TannerGordon Tanner
Gordon Tanner was:
Portrait of Ethan ChernickEthan Chernick
Ethan Chernick was:
Portrait of Aisha AlfaAisha Alfa
Aisha Alfa was:
Portrait of Arne MacPhersonArne MacPherson
Arne MacPherson was:
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