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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Release Date: 1936-03-01 (85 years ago)
Boris Karloff
John Ellman
Boris Karloff was:
Ricardo Cortez
Ricardo Cortez was:
Edmund Gwenn
Dr. Evan Beaumont
Edmund Gwenn was:
Marguerite Churchill
Marguerite Churchill was:
Warren Hull
Warren Hull was:
Barton MacLane
Barton MacLane was:
Henry O'Neill
District Attorney Werner
Henry O'Neill was:
Joe King
Judge Roger Shaw
Joe King was:
Addison Richards
Prison Warden
Addison Richards was:
Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey was:
Robert Strange
Robert Strange was:
Joe Sawyer
'Trigger' Smith
Joe Sawyer was:
Eddie Acuff
Eddie Acuff was:
Kenneth Harlan
Stephen Martin
Kenneth Harlan was:
Miki Morita
Loder's Butler Sako
Miki Morita was:
Ruth Robinson
Mrs. Shaw
Ruth Robinson was:
George Beranger
Nolan's Butler (uncredited)
George Beranger was:
Wade Boteler
Cellist's Guard (uncredited)
Wade Boteler was:
Frank Darien
Cemetery Caretaker (uncredited)
Frank Darien was:
Edward Gargan
Guard Sitting Outside Warden's Office (uncredited)
Edward Gargan was:
Crauford Kent
British Radio Announcer (uncredited)
Crauford Kent was:
Milton Kibbee
Reporter (uncredited)
Milton Kibbee was:
William H. O'Brien
Juror (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien was:
Paul Panzer
Man in Courtroom (uncredited)
Paul Panzer was:
Leo White
Man in Courtroom (uncredited)
Leo White was:
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