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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Sons o' Guns

Sons o' Guns

Release Date: 1936-05-13 (85 years ago)
Joe E. Brown
Jimmy Canfield
Joe E. Brown was:
Joan Blondell
Joan Blondell was:
Eric Blore
Eric Blore was:
Beverly Roberts
Mary Harper
Beverly Roberts was:
Craig Reynolds
Lieut. Burton
Craig Reynolds was:
Wini Shaw
Bernice Pearce
Wini Shaw was:
Joe King
General Harper
Joe King was:
Robert Barrat
Robert Barrat was:
G.P. Huntley
Captain Ponsonby-Falcke
G.P. Huntley was:
Frank Mitchell
Frank Mitchell was:
Bert Roach
Bert Roach was:
David Worth
Arthur Travers
David Worth was:
Hans Joby
German Prisoner
Hans Joby was:
Michael Mark
Michael Mark was:
Otto Fries
German Spy
Otto Fries was:
Mischa Auer
German Spy
Mischa Auer was:
Robert Adair
Robert Adair was:
Glen Cavender
German Ordered to Retreat
Glen Cavender was:
Bill Dagwell
Bill Dagwell was:
James Eagles
Young Soldier
James Eagles was:
Pat Flaherty
Apache Dancer
Pat Flaherty was:
Sol Gorss
Apache Dancer
Sol Gorss was:
Olaf Hytten
Olaf Hytten was:
Milton Kibbee
Military Policeman
Milton Kibbee was:
Allen Mathews
Military Policeman
Allen Mathews was:
Henry Otho
Apache Dancer
Henry Otho was:
John J. Richardson
Gate Guard
John J. Richardson was:
Eddie Shubert
Military Policeman
Eddie Shubert was:
Leo Sulky
Leo Sulky was:
Don Turner
Don Turner was:
Denny Sullivan
Denny Sullivan was:
Emmett Vogan
French to English Translator
Emmett Vogan was:
Max Wagner
Max Wagner was:
Jack Wise
Military Policeman
Jack Wise was:
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