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Sergeant York

Sergeant York

Release Date: 1941-09-27 (79 years ago)
Gary Cooper
Alvin C. York
Gary Cooper was:
Walter Brennan
Pastor Rosier Pile
Walter Brennan was:
Joan Leslie
Gracie Williams
Joan Leslie was:
George Tobias
"Pusher" Ross
George Tobias was:
Stanley Ridges
Major Buxton
Stanley Ridges was:
Margaret Wycherly
Mother York
Margaret Wycherly was:
Ward Bond
Ike Botkin
Ward Bond was:
Noah Beery Jr.
Buck Lipscomb
Noah Beery Jr. was:
June Lockhart
Rosie York
June Lockhart was:
Dickie Moore
George York
Dickie Moore was:
Clem Bevans
Clem Bevans was:
Howard Da Silva
Howard Da Silva was:
Charles Trowbridge
Cordell Hull
Charles Trowbridge was:
Harvey Stephens
Captain Danforth
Harvey Stephens was:
David Bruce
Bert Thomas
David Bruce was:
Carl Esmond
German Major
Carl Esmond was:
Joe Sawyer
Sergeant Early
Joe Sawyer was:
Pat Flaherty
Sergeant Harry Parsons
Pat Flaherty was:
Robert Porterfield
Zeb Andrews
Robert Porterfield was:
Erville Alderson
Nate Tomkins
Erville Alderson was:
Murray Alper
But! Boy (uncredited)
Murray Alper was:
Frank Faylen
But! Boy (uncredited)
Frank Faylen was:
James Anderson
Eb (uncredited)
James Anderson was:
Arthur Aylesworth
Marten - Bartender (uncredited)
Arthur Aylesworth was:
Eugene Beday
Private (uncredited)
Eugene Beday was:
James Bush
Private (uncredited)
James Bush was:
Victor Zimmerman
Private (uncredited)
Victor Zimmerman was:
Sonny Bupp
Boy in Sunday School (uncredited)
Sonny Bupp was:
Sammy McKim
Boy (uncredited)
Sammy McKim was:
Nat Carr
Reporter (uncredited)
Nat Carr was:
John Dilson
Reporter (uncredited)
John Dilson was:
Eddie Graham
Reporter (uncredited)
Eddie Graham was:
Al Lloyd
Reporter (uncredited)
Al Lloyd was:
Frank Mayo
Reporter (uncredited)
Frank Mayo was:
Jack Mower
Reporter (uncredited)
Jack Mower was:
Lucia Carroll
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Lucia Carroll was:
Rita La Roy
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Rita La Roy was:
Kay Sutton
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Kay Sutton was:
Lane Chandler
Corporal Savage (uncredited)
Lane Chandler was:
Jack Pennick
Corporal Cutting (uncredited)
Jack Pennick was:
Elisha Cook Jr.
Piano Player (uncredited)
Elisha Cook Jr. was:
Clyde Cook
Cockney Soldier (uncredited)
Clyde Cook was:
Will Stanton
Cockney Soldier (uncredited)
Will Stanton was:
Ray Cooke
Orderly (uncredited)
Ray Cooke was:
Paul Phillips
Orderly (uncredited)
Paul Phillips was:
Roger Creed
Motorcycle Soldier (uncredited)
Roger Creed was:
Jean Del Val
Marshal Foch (uncredited)
Jean Del Val was:
Donald Douglas
Captain Tillman (uncredited)
Donald Douglas was:
Charles Drake
Scorer (uncredited)
Charles Drake was:
Steve Pendleton
Scorer (uncredited)
Steve Pendleton was:
Roland Drew
Officer (uncredited)
Roland Drew was:
William Forrest
Officer (uncredited)
William Forrest was:
Arno Frey
German Soldier (uncredited)
Arno Frey was:
Rolf Lindau
German Soldier (uncredited)
Rolf Lindau was:
Sigfrid Tor
German Soldier (uncredited)
Sigfrid Tor was:
William Yetter Sr.
German Soldier (uncredited)
William Yetter Sr. was:
Frederick Giermann
German Lieutenant (uncredited)
Frederick Giermann was:
Jody Gilbert
Fat Woman (uncredited)
Jody Gilbert was:
Joseph W. Girard
General John J. Pershing (uncredited)
Joseph W. Girard was:
Russell Hicks
General (uncredited)
Russell Hicks was:
Selmer Jackson
General Duncan (uncredited)
Selmer Jackson was:
Kit Guard
Soldier on Rifle Range (uncredited)
Kit Guard was:
Ted Mapes
Soldier in Trench (uncredited)
Ted Mapes was:
William Haade
Card Player (uncredited)
William Haade was:
Creighton Hale
Associated Press Man (uncredited)
Creighton Hale was:
Henry Hall
Mountaineer (uncredited)
Henry Hall was:
Frank McGlynn Sr.
Mountaineer (uncredited)
Frank McGlynn Sr. was:
Charles Middleton
Mountaineer (uncredited)
Charles Middleton was:
Herbert Heywood
Man at Church (uncredited)
Herbert Heywood was:
Si Jenks
Man at Church (uncredited)
Si Jenks was:
Robert Milasch
Man at Church (uncredited)
Robert Milasch was:
Eddy Waller
Man at Church (uncredited)
Eddy Waller was:
George Irving
Harrison (uncredited)
George Irving was:
Jane Isbell
Gracie's Sister (uncredited)
Jane Isbell was:
Edward Keane
Oscar of the Waldorf (uncredited)
Edward Keane was:
Victor Kilian
Andrews (uncredited)
Victor Kilian was:
Joe King
Draft Board Chairman (uncredited)
Joe King was:
Frank Marlowe
Beardsley (uncredited)
Frank Marlowe was:
Tully Marshall
Uncle Lige (uncredited)
Tully Marshall was:
Patrick McVey
Spoldier (uncredited)
Patrick McVey was:
Wallace Scott
Spoldier (uncredited)
Wallace Scott was:
Frank Orth
Drummer (uncredited)
Frank Orth was:
William Phillips
Sergeant (uncredited)
William Phillips was:
Harry Strang
Sergeant (uncredited)
Harry Strang was:
Pat West
Sergeant (uncredited)
Pat West was:
Frank Wilcox
Sergeant (uncredited)
Frank Wilcox was:
Walter Sande
Sergeant on March (uncredited)
Walter Sande was:
Mickey Rentschler
Zeb's Brother (uncredited)
Mickey Rentschler was:
Dick Simmons
Marching Soldier (uncredited)
Dick Simmons was:
Ray Teal
Marching Soldier (uncredited)
Ray Teal was:
Gig Young
Marching Soldier (uncredited)
Gig Young was:
Edwin Stanley
Editor (uncredited)
Edwin Stanley was:
Theodore von Eltz
Prison Camp Commander (uncredited)
Theodore von Eltz was:
Lee "Lasses" White
Luke - Target Keeper (uncredited)
Lee "Lasses" White was:
Guy Wilkerson
Tom (uncredited)
Guy Wilkerson was:
Tom Wilson
Turkey Shoot Participant (uncredited)
Tom Wilson was:
Douglas Wood
Major Hylan (uncredited)
Douglas Wood was:
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