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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Satan Met a Lady

Satan Met a Lady

Release Date: 1936-07-22 (85 years ago)
Bette Davis
Valerie Purvis
Bette Davis was:
Warren William
Ted Shane
Warren William was:
Alison Skipworth
Madame Barabbas
Alison Skipworth was:
Arthur Treacher
Anthony Travers
Arthur Treacher was:
Marie Wilson
Miss Murgatroyd
Marie Wilson was:
Wini Shaw
Astrid Ames
Wini Shaw was:
Porter Hall
Milton Ames
Porter Hall was:
Olin Howland
Detective Dunhill
Olin Howland was:
Charles C. Wilson
Detective Pollock
Charles C. Wilson was:
May Beatty
Mrs. Arden (uncredited)
May Beatty was:
Sol Gorss
Jackie Farrow (uncredited)
Sol Gorss was:
Barbara Blane
Babe (uncredited)
Barbara Blane was:
Maynard Holmes
Kenneth, Barabbas's Young Gunman (uncredited)
Maynard Holmes was:
Frank Darien
Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
Frank Darien was:
Kid Herman
Bootblack (uncredited)
Kid Herman was:
J.H. Allen
Bootblack (uncredited)
J.H. Allen was:
Don Downen
Reporter (uncredited)
Don Downen was:
Billy Bletcher
Father of Sextuplets (uncredited)
Billy Bletcher was:
Alice La Mont
Mother of Sextuplets (uncredited)
Alice La Mont was:
William B. Davidson
City Fathers Committee Spokesman (uncredited)
William B. Davidson was:
Raymond Brown
City Fathers Committee Member (uncredited)
Raymond Brown was:
John Elliott
City Fathers Committee Member (uncredited)
John Elliott was:
Edward McWade
City Fathers Committee Member (uncredited)
Edward McWade was:
Cliff Saum
Patrol Officer (uncredited)
Cliff Saum was:
Joe King
Detective (uncredited)
Joe King was:
Francis Sayles
Detective (uncredited)
Francis Sayles was:
James P. Burtis
Detective (uncredited)
James P. Burtis was:
Eddie Shubert
Detective (uncredited)
Eddie Shubert was:
John Alexander
Porter (uncredited)
John Alexander was:
Ray Turner
Porter (uncredited)
Ray Turner was:
Huey White
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Huey White was:
Alphonse Martell
Headwaiter (uncredited)
Alphonse Martell was:
Leo White
Room Service Waiter (uncredited)
Leo White was:
Douglas Williams
Dock Walloper (uncredited)
Douglas Williams was:
Jack Wise
Pushy Photographer (uncredited)
Jack Wise was:
John J. Richardson
Second Photographer (uncredited)
John J. Richardson was:
Bert Moorhouse
Extra on Dance Floor (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
Edmund Mortimer
Extra on Dance Floor (uncredited)
Edmund Mortimer was:
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