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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Road Gang

Road Gang

Release Date: 1936-03-28 (85 years ago)
Donald Woods
James 'Jim' Larrabie
Donald Woods was:
Kay Linaker
Barbara Winston
Kay Linaker was:
Carlyle Moore Jr.
Robert 'Bob' Gordon
Carlyle Moore Jr. was:
Joseph Crehan
Harry Shields
Joseph Crehan was:
Henry O'Neill
George Winston
Henry O'Neill was:
Joe King
J. W. Moett
Joe King was:
Addison Richards
Parmenter (Prison Farm Warden)
Addison Richards was:
Charles Middleton
Grayson (Warden at Blackfoot Prison Mines)
Charles Middleton was:
Olin Howland
Prison Farm Doctor
Olin Howland was:
William B. Davidson
Attorney General Mardsen
William B. Davidson was:
Harry Cording
Sam Dawson (guard with whip)
Harry Cording was:
Marc Lawrence
Marc Lawrence was:
Eddie Shubert
Buck Draper
Eddie Shubert was:
Edward Van Sloan
Edward Van Sloan was:
Ben Hendricks Jr.
Jake (motorcycle cop)
Ben Hendricks Jr. was:
George Lloyd
Prisoner at Boone City Jail
George Lloyd was:
Frank Faylen
Radio Dispatcher
Frank Faylen was:
Bernice Pilot
Bernice Pilot was:
Ernie Adams
Jeff - Convict with Bad Leg (uncredited)
Ernie Adams was:
Ted Billings
Convict (uncredited)
Ted Billings was:
Frank Bruno
Convict (uncredited)
Frank Bruno was:
Eddy Chandler
Ed - Guard #1 (uncredited)
Eddy Chandler was:
Jack Cheatham
Guard (uncredited)
Jack Cheatham was:
Nick Copeland
Second Guard at Farm (uncredited)
Nick Copeland was:
Jack Curtis
Guard (uncredited)
Jack Curtis was:
Don Downen
Western Union Messenger (uncredited)
Don Downen was:
Frank Fanning
Frank - Guard (uncredited)
Frank Fanning was:
Douglas Gordon
Chuckler at Blackfoot
Douglas Gordon was:
Sol Gorss
Guard in Blackfoot Mine (uncredited)
Sol Gorss was:
Charles Graham
Convict (uncredited)
Charles Graham was:
Herbert Heywood
Convict at Blackfoot (uncredited)
Herbert Heywood was:
Harry Hollingsworth
Guard (uncredited)
Harry Hollingsworth was:
Stuart Holmes
Guard at Farm (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
John Irwin
Old Convict (uncredited)
John Irwin was:
Milton Kibbee
Convict Warning Larrabee
Milton Kibbee was:
Paul Kruger
Engineer (uncredited)
Paul Kruger was:
Edward LeSaint
Judge (uncredited)
Edward LeSaint was:
Tom Manning
W.B. Hefflin - Jailer (uncredited)
Tom Manning was:
Rex Moore
Boy Sent to Blackfoot (uncredited)
Rex Moore was:
Henry Otho
Guard in Blackfoot Mine (uncredited)
Henry Otho was:
Edward Peil Sr.
Guard in Sleeping Quarters (uncredited)
Edward Peil Sr. was:
Lee Phelps
Guard in Blackfoot Mine (uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
Lee Prather
Guard (uncredited)
Lee Prather was:
Sam Rice
Convict Withholding Fork (uncredited)
Sam Rice was:
John J. Richardson
Smokey - Safecracking Convict (uncredited)
John J. Richardson was:
Constantine Romanoff
Tangle-Eye - Convict at Farm (uncredited)
Constantine Romanoff was:
Albert Russell
Expressionless Convict (uncredited)
Albert Russell was:
Frank Shannon
Chaplain (uncredited)
Frank Shannon was:
Lee Shumway
Mone Guard (uncredited)
Lee Shumway was:
Sailor Vincent
Convict at Blackfoot (uncredited)
Sailor Vincent was:
Leo White
Convict at Farm (uncredited)
Leo White was:
Tom Wilson
Bull - Guard at Blackfoot (uncredited)
Tom Wilson was:
Jack Wise
Convict at Farm (uncredited)
Jack Wise was:
Bernice Pilot
Lucinda - Winston's Maid (uncredited)
Bernice Pilot was:
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