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Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen

Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen

Release Date: 1934-01-12 (87 years ago)
Dorothea Wieck
Miss Madeline Fane
Dorothea Wieck was:
Alice Brady
Molly Prentiss
Alice Brady was:
Baby LeRoy
Michael Fane
Baby LeRoy was:
William Frawley
Captain Murphy
William Frawley was:
George Barbier
George Barbier was:
Alan Hale
Alan Hale was:
Jack La Rue
Jack La Rue was:
Dorothy Burgess
Dorothy Burgess was:
Florence Roberts
Florence Roberts was:
Irving Bacon
Joel Prentiss
Irving Bacon was:
George McFarland
Johnny Prentiss
George McFarland was:
Jean Acker
Friend of Miss Fane
Jean Acker was:
Eddie Baker
Motorcycle Cop No. 3
Eddie Baker was:
Kay Lou Barnes
Baby Prentiss
Kay Lou Barnes was:
George Baxter
Leading Man
George Baxter was:
Jay Belasco
Friend of Miss Fane
Jay Belasco was:
Edmund Burns
Friend of Miss Fane
Edmund Burns was:
Ruth Clifford
Friend of Miss Fane
Ruth Clifford was:
Zoila Conan
First Maid
Zoila Conan was:
Marcelle Corday
Baby's Nurse
Marcelle Corday was:
Hal Craig
Motorcycle Cop No. 1
Hal Craig was:
Kernan Cripps
Captain's Aide
Kernan Cripps was:
Celeste Ford
Second Maid
Celeste Ford was:
Bud Geary
Assistant Director
Bud Geary was:
Arnold Gray
Friend of Miss Fane
Arnold Gray was:
Harrison Greene
Harrison Greene was:
Carmencita Johnson
Minnie Prentiss
Carmencita Johnson was:
Cullen Johnson
Billie Prentiss
Cullen Johnson was:
Joe King
Police Dispatcher
Joe King was:
Edwin Maxwell
Edwin Maxwell was:
Charles McAvoy
Lieutenant Parker
Charles McAvoy was:
A.H. McBain
Minor Role
A.H. McBain was:
Frances Morris
Lost Child's Mother
Frances Morris was:
Louis Natheaux
Louis Natheaux was:
Ted Oliver
Ted Oliver was:
Leslie Palmer
Leslie Palmer was:
Tempe Pigott
Woman Praying In Church
Tempe Pigott was:
Allen Pomeroy
Motorcycle Cop No. 2
Allen Pomeroy was:
Adrian Rosley
Adrian Rosley was:
Albert Taylor
Minor Role
Albert Taylor was:
Max Wagner
Max Wagner was:
Charles C. Wilson
Chief of Police
Charles C. Wilson was:
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