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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

It's a Date

It's a Date

Release Date: 1940-03-22 (81 years ago)
Deanna Durbin
Pamela Drake
Deanna Durbin was:
Kay Francis
Georgia Drake
Kay Francis was:
Walter Pidgeon
John Arlen
Walter Pidgeon was:
Eugene Pallette
Gov. Allen
Eugene Pallette was:
Henry Stephenson
Capt. Andrew
Henry Stephenson was:
Cecilia Loftus
Sara Frankenstein
Cecilia Loftus was:
Samuel S. Hinds
Sidney Simpson
Samuel S. Hinds was:
Lewis Howard
Fred 'Freddie' Miller
Lewis Howard was:
S.Z. Sakall
Karl Ober
S.Z. Sakall was:
Fritz Feld
Oscar, the Headwaiter
Fritz Feld was:
Virginia Brissac
Miss Holden
Virginia Brissac was:
Charles Lane
Mr. Horner (uncredited)
Charles Lane was:
Romaine Callender
Romaine Callender was:
Joe King
First Mate Kelly
Joe King was:
Mary Kelley
Governor's Wife
Mary Kelley was:
Eddie Polo
Quarter Master
Eddie Polo was:
Harry Owens
Royal Hawaiians Orchestra Leader
Harry Owens was:
Eddie Acuff
Ship's Steward
Eddie Acuff was:
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony was:
John Arledge
Newcomer on Ship
John Arledge was:
Leon Belasco
Captain of Waiters
Leon Belasco was:
John Daheim
Sleepy-Eyed Man
John Daheim was:
Linda Deane
Young Girl
Linda Deane was:
Anna Demetrio
Gertie - the Cook
Anna Demetrio was:
Virginia Engels
Young Girl
Virginia Engels was:
Jennifer Gray
Cable Office Girl
Jennifer Gray was:
Anne Gwynne
Society Girl
Anne Gwynne was:
Kenner G. Kemp
Party Extra
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Eddie Lee
Rookie - Captain Andrew's Servant
Eddie Lee was:
Fay McKenzie
Young Girl
Fay McKenzie was:
Louis Natheaux
Party Guest at Buffet Table
Louis Natheaux was:
David Oliver
David Oliver was:
Randy Oness
Singer in Harry Owens and His Royal Hawaiians
Randy Oness was:
William Ruhl
Ship's Officer
William Ruhl was:
Phyllis Ruth
Young Girl
Phyllis Ruth was:
Mary Shannon
Wardrobe Mistress
Mary Shannon was:
Landers Stevens
Business Executive in Arlen's Office
Landers Stevens was:
Suzanne Ridgeway
Party Extra (uncredited)
Suzanne Ridgeway was:
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