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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Front Page Woman

Front Page Woman

Release Date: 1935-07-11 (86 years ago)
Bette Davis
Ellen Garfield
Bette Davis was:
George Brent
Curt Devlin
George Brent was:
Roscoe Karns
Toots O'Grady
Roscoe Karns was:
Wini Shaw
Inez Cardoza
Wini Shaw was:
Walter Walker
Judge Hugo Rickard
Walter Walker was:
J. Carrol Naish
Robert Cardoza
J. Carrol Naish was:
Gordon Westcott
Maitland Coulter
Gordon Westcott was:
Dorothy Dare
Mae LaRue
Dorothy Dare was:
June Martel
Olive Wilson
June Martel was:
Joseph Crehan
Spike Kiley
Joseph Crehan was:
J. Farrell MacDonald
J. Farrell MacDonald was:
Addison Richards
District Attorney
Addison Richards was:
Selmer Jackson
Joe Davis
Selmer Jackson was:
Joe King
Joe King was:
Miki Morita
Stone's Servant Fuji
Miki Morita was:
Wade Boteler
Joe a Policeman (uncredited)
Wade Boteler was:
Harry C. Bradley
Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley was:
George Chandler
Reporter (uncredited)
George Chandler was:
Lester Dorr
Waiter (uncredited)
Lester Dorr was:
Grace Hayle
Nell Bonnett (uncredited)
Grace Hayle was:
DeWitt Jennings
Police Lieutenant (uncredited)
DeWitt Jennings was:
Milton Kibbee
Telegraph Operator (uncredited)
Milton Kibbee was:
Torben Meyer
Janitor (uncredited)
Torben Meyer was:
Paul Panzer
Reporter (uncredited)
Paul Panzer was:
Adrian Rosley
Tailor (uncredited)
Adrian Rosley was:
Frank Sheridan
Warden (uncredited)
Frank Sheridan was:
Gertrude Short
Miss Dunn (uncredited)
Gertrude Short was:
Mary Treen
Nurse (uncredited)
Mary Treen was:
Leo White
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Leo White was:
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