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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

East Side of Heaven

East Side of Heaven

Release Date: 1939-04-07 (82 years ago)
Bing Crosby
Denny Martin
Bing Crosby was:
Joan Blondell
Mary Wilson
Joan Blondell was:
Mischa Auer
Mischa Auer was:
Irene Hervey
Mona Barrett
Irene Hervey was:
C. Aubrey Smith
Cyrus Barrett Sr.
C. Aubrey Smith was:
Robert Kent
Cyrus Barrett Jr.
Robert Kent was:
Jerome Cowan
Claudius De Wolfe
Jerome Cowan was:
Baby Sandy
Baby Barrett
Baby Sandy was:
Jane Jones
Mrs. Kelly
Jane Jones was:
Rose Valyda
Singing Cook
Rose Valyda was:
Helen Warner
Singing Cook
Helen Warner was:
Jack Powell
Happy Jack
Jack Powell was:
Matty Malneck
Orchestra Leader
Matty Malneck was:
Herbert Ashley
Cop (uncredited)
Herbert Ashley was:
Hooper Atchley
Executive (uncredited)
Hooper Atchley was:
Wade Boteler
Detective (uncredited)
Wade Boteler was:
Harry C. Bradley
James Travers (uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley was:
Helen Brown
Secretary (uncredited)
Helen Brown was:
Mary Carr
Mrs. James Travers (uncredited)
Mary Carr was:
Dorothy Christy
Mrs. Henry Smith (uncredited)
Dorothy Christy was:
Russ Clark
Cop (uncredited)
Russ Clark was:
Chester Clute
Phil (uncredited)
Chester Clute was:
Frank Coghlan Jr.
Messenger Boy (uncredited)
Frank Coghlan Jr. was:
Harry Depp
Executive (uncredited)
Harry Depp was:
Edward Earle
Henry Smith (uncredited)
Edward Earle was:
Edward Emerson
Program Manager (uncredited)
Edward Emerson was:
Jackie Gerlich
Bobby (uncredited)
Jackie Gerlich was:
Jane Goude
Landlady (uncredited)
Jane Goude was:
Pauline Haddon
Gertie (uncredited)
Pauline Haddon was:
Pat Hartigan
Doorman (uncredited)
Pat Hartigan was:
Russell Hicks
Hinkle (uncredited)
Russell Hicks was:
Arthur Hoyt
Loftus (uncredited)
Arthur Hoyt was:
Brandon Hurst
Butler (uncredited)
Brandon Hurst was:
Lloyd Ingraham
Executive (uncredited)
Lloyd Ingraham was:
Phyllis Kennedy
Mamie (uncredited)
Phyllis Kennedy was:
Joe King
Detective (uncredited)
Joe King was:
J. Farrell MacDonald
Doorman (uncredited)
J. Farrell MacDonald was:
Frank Moran
Workman (uncredited)
Frank Moran was:
Frank O'Connor
Detective (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor was:
Raymond Parker
Messenger (uncredited)
Raymond Parker was:
Emory Parnell
Doorman (uncredited)
Emory Parnell was:
Lelah Tyler
Woman (uncredited)
Lelah Tyler was:
Billy Wayne
Garage Man (uncredited)
Billy Wayne was:
Lillian West
Nurse (uncredited)
Lillian West was:
Clarence Wilson
Telegraph Operator (uncredited)
Clarence Wilson was:
Douglas Wood
Fisher (uncredited)
Douglas Wood was:
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