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Destry Rides Again

Destry Rides Again

Release Date: 1939-11-30 (81 years ago)
James Stewart
Tom Destry Jr.
James Stewart was:
Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich was:
Mischa Auer
Mischa Auer was:
Charles Winninger
Washington Dimsdale
Charles Winninger was:
Brian Donlevy
Brian Donlevy was:
Allen Jenkins
Gyp Watson
Allen Jenkins was:
Warren Hymer
Bugs Watson
Warren Hymer was:
Irene Hervey
Janice Tyndall
Irene Hervey was:
Una Merkel
Lily Belle
Una Merkel was:
Billy Gilbert
Billy Gilbert was:
Samuel S. Hinds
Judge Slade
Samuel S. Hinds was:
Jack Carson
Jack Tyndall
Jack Carson was:
Tom Fadden
Lem Claggett
Tom Fadden was:
Virginia Brissac
Sophie Claggett
Virginia Brissac was:
Edmund MacDonald
Rockwell (as Edmund Macdonald)
Edmund MacDonald was:
Lillian Yarbo
Lillian Yarbo was:
Joe King
Sheriff Keogh
Joe King was:
Dickie Jones
Claggett Boy
Dickie Jones was:
Ann E. Todd
Claggett Girl
Ann E. Todd was:
Richard Alexander
Cowboy (uncredited)
Richard Alexander was:
Silver Tip Baker
Barfly (uncredited)
Silver Tip Baker was:
Chief John Big Tree
Indian in Saloon (uncredited)
Chief John Big Tree was:
Billy Bletcher
Pianist (uncredited)
Billy Bletcher was:
Loren Brown
Juggler (uncredited)
Loren Brown was:
Ralph Bucko
Barfly (uncredited)
Ralph Bucko was:
Roy Bucko
Barfly (uncredited)
Roy Bucko was:
George Chesebro
Barfly (uncredited)
George Chesebro was:
Dora Clement
Woman (uncredited)
Dora Clement was:
Bill Cody Jr.
Townsboy Telling Wash of Destry's Arrival (uncredited)
Bill Cody Jr. was:
Spade Cooley
Fiddle Player (uncredited)
Spade Cooley was:
Harry Cording
Creepy - Lends Tom Guns (uncredited)
Harry Cording was:
Carmen D'Antonio
Dancer (uncredited)
Carmen D'Antonio was:
Harold DeGarro
Juggler (uncredited)
Harold DeGarro was:
Tex Driscoll
Barfly (uncredited)
Tex Driscoll was:
Florence Dudley
Small Role (uncredited)
Florence Dudley was:
Ruth Eddings
Friend of Lilly Belle (uncredited)
Ruth Eddings was:
O.K. Ford
Barfly (uncredited)
O.K. Ford was:
Sam Garrett
Rider / Roper (uncredited)
Sam Garrett was:
William Gillis
Barfly (uncredited)
William Gillis was:
Jack Gordon
Barfly (uncredited)
Jack Gordon was:
Lloyd Ingraham
Express Agent with Box of Rabbits (uncredited)
Lloyd Ingraham was:
Marjorie Kane
Saloon Floozie (uncredited)
Marjorie Kane was:
Harley Luse
Accordion Player (uncredited)
Harley Luse was:
Cactus Mack
Musician (uncredited)
Cactus Mack was:
Frank McCarroll
Barfly (uncredited)
Frank McCarroll was:
Bud McClure
Stage Driver (uncredited)
Bud McClure was:
Merrill McCormick
Townsman (uncredited)
Merrill McCormick was:
Philo McCullough
Bartender (uncredited)
Philo McCullough was:
Robert McKenzie
Doctor (uncredited)
Robert McKenzie was:
Charles Murphy
Townsman (uncredited)
Charles Murphy was:
Mary Shannon
Woman on Street (uncredited)
Mary Shannon was:
Rudy Sooter
Bass Player (uncredited)
Rudy Sooter was:
Betta St. John
Singing Girl in Wagon (uncredited)
Betta St. John was:
William Steele
Cowboy (uncredited)
William Steele was:
Leo Sulky
Bartender (uncredited)
Leo Sulky was:
Al Taylor
Townsman (uncredited)
Al Taylor was:
Harry Tenbrook
Stage Shotgun Rider
Harry Tenbrook was:
Jack Tornek
Barfly (uncredited)
Jack Tornek was:
Minerva Urecal
Mrs. DeWitt (uncredited)
Minerva Urecal was:
Leslie Vincent
Leslie Vincent was:
Hank West
Musician (uncredited)
Hank West was:
Dan White
Barfly (uncredited)
Dan White was:
Blackie Whiteford
Juror (uncredited)
Blackie Whiteford was:
Alex Woloshin
Assistant Bartender (uncredited)
Alex Woloshin was:
Duke York
Townsman (uncredited)
Duke York was:
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