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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Danger On Wheels

Danger On Wheels

Release Date: 1940-02-02 (81 years ago)
Richard Arlen
"Lucky" Larry Taylor
Richard Arlen was:
Andy Devine
'Guppy' Wexel
Andy Devine was:
Peggy Moran
Patricia "Pat" O'Shea
Peggy Moran was:
Vinton Hayworth
Bruce Crowley (as Jack Arnold)
Vinton Hayworth was:
Herbert Corthell
Pop O'Shea
Herbert Corthell was:
Harry C. Bradley
Harry C. Bradley was:
Sandra King
June Allen
Sandra King was:
Landers Stevens
Lloyd B. Allen
Landers Stevens was:
John Holmes
Eddie Dodds
John Holmes was:
Jack Rice
Jack Rice was:
Mary Treen
Mary Treen was:
Eddy Chandler
Police Officer
Eddy Chandler was:
Harold Daniels
Male Secretary
Harold Daniels was:
Eddie Fetherston
Eddie Fetherston was:
Jack Gardner
Jack Gardner was:
Joe King
Race Commissioner
Joe King was:
Jimmie Lucas
Second Mechanic
Jimmie Lucas was:
Frank Mitchell
Truck Driver
Frank Mitchell was:
James C. Morton
Police Sergeant
James C. Morton was:
Tony Paton
Race Driver
Tony Paton was:
Ralph Arthur Roberts
Ralph Arthur Roberts was:
Fred Santley
Fred Santley was:
Harry Strang
First Mechanic
Harry Strang was:
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