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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

China Clipper

China Clipper

Release Date: 1936-08-11 (85 years ago)
Pat O’Brien
Dave Logan
Pat O’Brien was:
Beverly Roberts
Jean Logan
Beverly Roberts was:
Ross Alexander
Tom Collins
Ross Alexander was:
Humphrey Bogart
Hap Stuart
Humphrey Bogart was:
Marie Wilson
Sunny Avery
Marie Wilson was:
Joseph Crehan
Jim Horn
Joseph Crehan was:
Joe King
Mr. Pierson
Joe King was:
Addison Richards
Mr. B.C. Hill
Addison Richards was:
Ruth Robinson
Mother Brunn
Ruth Robinson was:
Henry B. Walthall
Dad Brunn
Henry B. Walthall was:
Carlyle Moore Jr.
Radio Operator on Clipper
Carlyle Moore Jr. was:
Lyle Moraine
Co-Pilot on Clipper
Lyle Moraine was:
Dennis Moore
Engineer on Clipper
Dennis Moore was:
Wayne Morris
Navigator on Clipper
Wayne Morris was:
Alexander Cross
Bill Andrews
Alexander Cross was:
William Wright
William Wright was:
Kenneth Harlan
Department of Commerce Inspector
Kenneth Harlan was:
Anne Nagel
Anne Nagel was:
Marjorie Weaver
Marjorie Weaver was:
Milburn Stone
Radio Operator
Milburn Stone was:
Owen King
Radio Operator
Owen King was:
Irving Bacon
Charlie - the Janitor (uncredited)
Irving Bacon was:
George Beranger
Waiter (uncredited)
George Beranger was:
John Butler
Second Commerce Inspector (uncredited)
John Butler was:
Glen Cavender
Pan American Union Waiter (uncredited)
Glen Cavender was:
Joe Cunningham
Jack - a Weatherman (uncredited)
Joe Cunningham was:
Hal K. Dawson
Airplane Designer (uncredited)
Hal K. Dawson was:
Ralph Dunn
Plane Announcer at Miami Airport (uncredited)
Ralph Dunn was:
Bill Elliott
Pilot (uncredited)
Bill Elliott was:
Frank Faylen
Weatherman (uncredited)
Frank Faylen was:
Jonathan Hale
State Department Official (uncredited)
Jonathan Hale was:
Jack Hatfield
Reporter (uncredited)
Jack Hatfield was:
Milton Kibbee
Mechanic (uncredited)
Milton Kibbee was:
Shirley Lloyd
Eadie - Horn's Secretary (uncredited)
Shirley Lloyd was:
John Marston
Airplane Designer (uncredited)
John Marston was:
Walter Miller
Instructor (uncredited)
Walter Miller was:
Thomas Pogue
Key West Speaker (uncredited)
Thomas Pogue was:
Georges Renavent
Pan American Union Speaker (uncredited)
Georges Renavent was:
John Graham Spacey
Australian Broadcaster (uncredited)
John Graham Spacey was:
Edwin Stanley
Airplane Designer (uncredited)
Edwin Stanley was:
Houseley Stevenson
Doctor (uncredited)
Houseley Stevenson was:
Harland Tucker
Airplane Designer (uncredited)
Harland Tucker was:
Guy Usher
State Department Official (uncredited)
Guy Usher was:
Emmett Vogan
Airplane Designer (uncredited)
Emmett Vogan was:
Pierre Watkin
Secretary of State (uncredited)
Pierre Watkin was:
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