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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Blondie Goes Latin

Blondie Goes Latin

Release Date: 1941-02-27 (80 years ago)
Penny Singleton
Blondie Bumstead
Penny Singleton was:
Arthur Lake
Dagwood " Dag " Bumstead
Arthur Lake was:
Larry Simms
Alexander Bumstead
Larry Simms was:
Daisy was:
Ruth Terry
Ruth Terry was:
Danny Mummert
Alvin Fuddle
Danny Mummert was:
Jonathan Hale
J.C. Dithers
Jonathan Hale was:
Janet Burston
Little Girl Singer and Piano Player
Janet Burston was:
Kirby Grant
Hal Trent
Kirby Grant was:
Tito Guízar
Manuel Rodrigueu
Tito Guízar was:
Irving Bacon
Mailman (uncredited)
Irving Bacon was:
Eddie Acuff
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Eddie Acuff was:
Harry Barris
Musician (uncredited)
Harry Barris was:
Cecilia Callejo
Beautiful Girl Picking Up Gloves (uncredited)
Cecilia Callejo was:
Paul Ellis
Steward Taking Dagwood's Sandwich (uncredited)
Paul Ellis was:
Bess Flowers
Well-Wisher at Ship's Departure (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Joe King
Captain of the Cruz del Sur (uncredited)
Joe King was:
Phil Kramer
Steward (uncredited)
Phil Kramer was:
Eddie Laughton
Steward (uncredited)
Eddie Laughton was:
Perc Launders
Bass Fiddle Player (uncredited)
Perc Launders was:
Harold Miller
Shipboard Extra (uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Bert Moorhouse
Shipboard Extra (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
William Morgan
Musician in Orchestra (uncredited)
William Morgan was:
William Newell
Steward Ringing Chime and Crying (uncredited)
William Newell was:
Joe Palma
Sailor Chasing Dagwood (uncredited)
Joe Palma was:
Ralph Sanford
Sailor Chasing Dagwood (uncredited)
Ralph Sanford was:
Red Stanley
Musician in Orchestra (uncredited)
Red Stanley was:
Marvin Stephens
Messenger Bringing Drums (uncredited)
Marvin Stephens was:
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