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Arsène Lupin Returns

Arsène Lupin Returns

Release Date: 1938-02-25 (83 years ago)
Melvyn Douglas
Rene Farrand aka Arsene Lupin
Melvyn Douglas was:
Virginia Bruce
Lorraine de Grissac
Virginia Bruce was:
Warren William
Steve Emerson
Warren William was:
John Halliday
Count de Grissac
John Halliday was:
Nat Pendleton
Joe Doyle
Nat Pendleton was:
Monty Woolley
Georges Bouchet
Monty Woolley was:
E. E. Clive
E. E. Clive was:
George Zucco
Prefect of Police
George Zucco was:
Rollo Lloyd
Rollo Lloyd was:
Vladimir Sokoloff
Ivan Pavloff
Vladimir Sokoloff was:
Ian Wolfe
A. Le Marchand - Detective (as Ien Wulf)
Ian Wolfe was:
Tully Marshall
Tully Marshall was:
Jonathan Hale
F.B.I. Special Agent
Jonathan Hale was:
George Davis
Guard at Dock (uncredited)
George Davis was:
King Baggot
King Baggot was:
William Bailey
William Bailey was:
Edward Biby
Party Guest
Edward Biby was:
Sidney Bracey
Squad Car Driver
Sidney Bracey was:
Egon Brecher
Egon Brecher was:
Harvey Clark
Hotel Assistant Manager
Harvey Clark was:
Chester Clute
Chester Clute was:
Sidney D'Albrook
Detective Alois
Sidney D'Albrook was:
Frank Dawson
François - Butler
Frank Dawson was:
Helen Dickson
Woman Passenger at Dock
Helen Dickson was:
George Douglas
George Douglas was:
Jay Eaton
Man in Hotel Lobby
Jay Eaton was:
Stanley Fields
André - Horse Groom
Stanley Fields was:
Christian J. Frank
Christian J. Frank was:
Otto Fries
Truck Driver
Otto Fries was:
John Harmon
'Butch' Harron - Gang Leader
John Harmon was:
Ruth Hart
Telephone Operator
Ruth Hart was:
Dell Henderson
Plainclothes Detective
Dell Henderson was:
Perry Ivins
Fingerprint Man
Perry Ivins was:
Robert Emmett Keane
Bill Watkins - Criminologist
Robert Emmett Keane was:
Joe King
Inspector Hennessey
Joe King was:
Priscilla Lawson
Switchboard Operator
Priscilla Lawson was:
Frank Leigh
English Eddie
Frank Leigh was:
Mitchell Lewis
Mitchell Lewis was:
Tony Merlo
Party Guest
Tony Merlo was:
Robert Middlemass
Robert Middlemass was:
Edmund Mortimer
Man at Hotel Desk
Edmund Mortimer was:
Jack Norton
Hotel Manager
Jack Norton was:
Bob O'Connor
Bob O'Connor was:
Leonard Penn
Leonard Penn was:
Jean Perry
Jean Perry was:
Lillian Rich
Telephone Operator
Lillian Rich was:
William Royle
Burly Detective
William Royle was:
Larry Steers
Man Leaving Hotel
Larry Steers was:
Harry Tyler
Harry Tyler was:
Jacques Vanaire
Jacques Vanaire was:
Pierre Watkin
Mr. Carter
Pierre Watkin was:
Frank Whitbeck
Radio Broadcaster (voice)
Frank Whitbeck was:
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