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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Versatile Lovers

Versatile Lovers

Release Date: 1970-05-06 (51 years ago)
Marisa Mell
Marisa Mell was:
Robert Hossein
Serge Belaïeff
Robert Hossein was:
Krista Nell
Krista Nell was:
Robert Dalban
Robert Dalban was:
Albert Minski
Albert Minski was:
Alberto Dalbés
Alberto Dalbés was:
Ettore Manni
Le docteur Henri Delmas
Ettore Manni was:
Sabine Sun
Sabine Sun was:
Ellen Bahl
Ellen Bahl was:
Manuel de Blas
Manuel de Blas was:
Colette Giacobine
Dominique Leprince
Colette Giacobine was:
Perla Cristal
Perla Cristal was:
Charly Bravo
Charly Bravo was:
Patricia Nigel
Reine Mason
Patricia Nigel was:
Danielle Durou
Danielle Durou was:
Manuel Bronchud
Un policier (uncredited)
Manuel Bronchud was:
Irene D'Astrea
La baronne (uncredited)
Irene D'Astrea was:
Esteban Dalmases
Un client du club (uncredited)
Esteban Dalmases was:
Joaquín Díaz
L'inspecteur Granier (uncredited)
Joaquín Díaz was:
Juan Fairen
Lucien (uncredited)
Juan Fairen was:
Gaspar 'Indio' González
Le doublure cascade de Lucien (uncredited)
Gaspar 'Indio' González was:
Jaume Picas
Le baron (uncredited)
Jaume Picas was:
Montserrat Prous
La maîtresse de Mario (uncredited)
Montserrat Prous was:
Gustavo Re
Gustav (uncredited)
Gustavo Re was:
Moisés Augusto Rocha
Le videur du club (uncredited)
Moisés Augusto Rocha was:
Juliette Villard
Juliette Villard was:
Lili Muráti
Lili Muráti was:
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