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The Go-Getter

The Go-Getter

Release Date: 1937-05-22 (83 years ago)
George Brent
Bill Austin
George Brent was:
Anita Louise
Margaret Ricks
Anita Louise was:
Charles Winninger
Cappy Ricks
Charles Winninger was:
John Eldredge
Lloyd Skinner
John Eldredge was:
Henry O'Neill
Commander Tisdale
Henry O'Neill was:
Joseph Crehan
Karl Stone
Joseph Crehan was:
Gordon Oliver
Gordon Oliver was:
Eddie Acuff
Bob Blair
Eddie Acuff was:
Willard Robertson
Matt Peasely
Willard Robertson was:
Pierre Watkin
Pierre Watkin was:
Joan Valerie
Skinner's secretary (as Helen Valkis)
Joan Valerie was:
Herbert Rawlinson
Herbert Rawlinson was:
Helen Lowell
Mrs. Luce
Helen Lowell was:
Harry Beresford
M. M. Barker
Harry Beresford was:
Minerva Urecal
Cappy Ricks 'secretary
Minerva Urecal was:
Mary Treen
Mrs. Blair
Mary Treen was:
Don Barclay
J. Browne #1 (uncredited)
Don Barclay was:
John Butler
Ship Officer (uncredited)
John Butler was:
Glen Cavender
Streetcar Conductor (uncredited)
Glen Cavender was:
Eddy Chandler
First man in employment line (uncredited)
Eddy Chandler was:
George Chandler
Business card printer (uncredited)
George Chandler was:
Davison Clark
Ship captain Tuttle (uncredited)
Davison Clark was:
Charles Coleman
Thomas - the second butler (uncredited)
Charles Coleman was:
Hal Craig
Ship radioman (uncredited)
Hal Craig was:
Harry Depp
J. Brown #3 (uncredited)
Harry Depp was:
Ann Doran
Maizie-the maid (uncredited)
Ann Doran was:
Ralph Dunn
Officer on the Macon (uncredited)
Ralph Dunn was:
Frank Faylen
Country club man #2 (uncredited)
Frank Faylen was:
Harry Fox
Man (uncredited)
Harry Fox was:
Edward Gargan
Police officer Riley (uncredited)
Edward Gargan was:
Harrison Greene
J. Brown #1 (uncredited)
Harrison Greene was:
John Harron
Country club man #1 (uncredited)
John Harron was:
Al Herman
Man saying "$5 He maries the girl" (uncredited)
Al Herman was:
Herbert Heywood
Speedboat operator (uncredited)
Herbert Heywood was:
Max Hoffman Jr.
Macon Navigation officer (uncredited)
Max Hoffman Jr. was:
Robert Homans
Policeman (uncredited)
Robert Homans was:
Milton Kibbee
Ship line clerk (uncredited)
Milton Kibbee was:
Etta McDaniel
Wife of Mr. J. Brown #2 (uncredited)
Etta McDaniel was:
Carlyle Moore Jr.
Sailor on the Macon (uncredited)
Carlyle Moore Jr. was:
Jack Mower
Rick's radio man (uncredited)
Jack Mower was:
Wedgwood Nowell
Admiral (uncredited)
Wedgwood Nowell was:
Paul Panzer
Man on streetcar (uncredited)
Paul Panzer was:
George Reed
Butler for J. Browne #2 (uncredited)
George Reed was:
Craig Reynolds
Sailor on the Macon (uncredited)
Craig Reynolds was:
Sam Rice
Mr. Simmons - Guest of J. Browne #2 (uncredited)
Sam Rice was:
Archie Robbins
Information clerk (uncredited)
Archie Robbins was:
Adrian Rosley
Fish vendor (uncredited)
Adrian Rosley was:
Virginia Sale
Servant of J. Browne #2 (uncredited)
Virginia Sale was:
Cliff Saum
Lumberyard foreman (uncredited)
Cliff Saum was:
John Shelton
Airport radio operator (uncredited)
John Shelton was:
Charles Sherlock
Ship radiogram man (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock was:
Myrtle Stedman
Hospital nurse with Bill (uncredited)
Myrtle Stedman was:
Guy Usher
Ship line official (uncredited)
Guy Usher was:
Emmett Vogan
Rick's Cashier (uncredited)
Emmett Vogan was:
Billy Wayne
Employment teller (uncredited)
Billy Wayne was:
Leo White
Man in streetcar reading newspaper (uncredited)
Leo White was:
Tom Wilson
Pete - a Logger (uncredited)
Tom Wilson was:
Eric Wilton
Rick's Butler (uncredited)
Eric Wilton was:
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