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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Cherokee Strip

The Cherokee Strip

Release Date: 1937-05-15 (83 years ago)
Dick Foran
Dick Hudson
Dick Foran was:
Jane Bryan
Janie Walton
Jane Bryan was:
Robert Paige
Tom Valley
Robert Paige was:
Smoke, Dick's Horse
Smoke was:
Joan Valerie
Ruth Valley
Joan Valerie was:
Edmund Cobb
Link Carter
Edmund Cobb was:
Joseph Crehan
Army Officer
Joseph Crehan was:
Milton Kibbee
Blade Simpson
Milton Kibbee was:
Gordon Hart
Judge Ben Parkinson
Gordon Hart was:
Frank Faylen
Joe Brady
Frank Faylen was:
Jack Mower
Bill Tidewell
Jack Mower was:
Tom Brower
George Walton
Tom Brower was:
Walter Soderling
Mink Abbott
Walter Soderling was:
Tommy Bupp
Barty Walton
Tommy Bupp was:
Victor Adamson
Victor Adamson was:
Mariska Aldrich
Tough Wagon-Woman
Mariska Aldrich was:
Gene Alsace
Guitar Player
Gene Alsace was:
Ben Corbett
Henchman Ben
Ben Corbett was:
Harry Fox
Meek Husband
Harry Fox was:
William Gillis
Town Carpenter
William Gillis was:
Theodore Lorch
Jury Member
Theodore Lorch was:
Frank McCarroll
Frank McCarroll was:
Kansas Moehring
Kansas Moehring was:
Milburn Morante
Milburn Morante was:
Artie Ortego
Carter's Henchman
Artie Ortego was:
Bud Osborne
Cowboy Fighting Rustlers
Bud Osborne was:
Paul Panzer
Paul Panzer was:
Frank Pharr
Dr. Bailey
Frank Pharr was:
Sam Rice
Court Clerk
Sam Rice was:
Cliff Saum
Undetermined Secondary Role
Cliff Saum was:
Glenn Strange
Harry, Fiddle Player and Band Leader
Glenn Strange was:
Lottie Williams
Woman in Courtroom
Lottie Williams was:
Tom Wilson
Jury Foreman / Mr. Wellman
Tom Wilson was:
Jack Kirk
Jack Kirk was:
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