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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Talent Scout

Talent Scout

Release Date: 1937-07-24 (83 years ago)
Donald Woods
Steve Stewart
Donald Woods was:
Jeanne Madden
Mary Brannigan
Jeanne Madden was:
Fred Lawrence
Raymond Crane
Fred Lawrence was:
Rosalind Marquis
Bernice Fox
Rosalind Marquis was:
Joseph Crehan
A.J. Lambert
Joseph Crehan was:
Charles Halton
M.B. Carter
Charles Halton was:
Teddy Hart
Moe Jerome
Teddy Hart was:
Mary Treen
Janet Morris
Mary Treen was:
Robert Paige
Bert Smith
Robert Paige was:
Al Herman
Jack Scholl
Al Herman was:
Joan Valerie
Ruth - Secretary
Joan Valerie was:
John Pearson
Jed Hudkins
John Pearson was:
John Harron
Charlie - Bus Driver
John Harron was:
Mary Doyle
Miss Grant - Carter's Secretary
Mary Doyle was:
Harry Fox
Robert Donnolly - Rehearsal Director
Harry Fox was:
Eddie Acuff
Musselman - Writer
Eddie Acuff was:
Joan Blondell
Benefit Show Guest (archive footage)
Joan Blondell was:
Glen Cavender
Furniture Department Man
Glen Cavender was:
Claudia Coleman
Mrs. Carter
Claudia Coleman was:
Gloria Dickson
Blonde on Bus
Gloria Dickson was:
Don Downen
Extra in Studio Lunchroom
Don Downen was:
Jay Eaton
Extra in Carter's Outer Office
Jay Eaton was:
Patricia Ellis
Benefit Show Guest (archive footage)
Patricia Ellis was:
Eddie Graham
Studio Lunchroom Wisecracker
Eddie Graham was:
Allen Jenkins
Benefit Show Guest (archive footage)
Allen Jenkins was:
Donald Kerr
Twerp - Writer
Donald Kerr was:
Milton Kibbee
Extra in Carter's Outer Office
Milton Kibbee was:
Wilfred Lucas
Director of Screen Test
Wilfred Lucas was:
Miki Morita
Cato - Steve's Valet
Miki Morita was:
Frank Orth
Burlesque Theatre Manager
Frank Orth was:
Dick Purcell
Benefit Show Guest (archive footage)
Dick Purcell was:
Craig Reynolds
Benefit Show Guest (archive footage)
Craig Reynolds was:
Sam Rice
Garage Owner
Sam Rice was:
John J. Richardson
Studio Worker Extra
John J. Richardson was:
Cliff Saum
Lambert's Set Assistant
Cliff Saum was:
Jeffrey Sayre
Story Researcher
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
Costume Designer
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink was:
John Shelton
Location Manager
John Shelton was:
Larry Steers
Maitre d'
Larry Steers was:
Leo White
Extra in Studio Lunchroom
Leo White was:
Lottie Williams
Autograph Hound Extra
Lottie Williams was:
Jack Wise
Extra at Benefit Show
Jack Wise was:
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