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Submarine Patrol

Submarine Patrol

Release Date: 1938-11-25 (82 years ago)
Richard Greene
Perry Townsend III
Richard Greene was:
Nancy Kelly
Susan Leeds
Nancy Kelly was:
Preston Foster
Lt. (j.g.) John C. Drake
Preston Foster was:
George Bancroft
Capt. Leeds
George Bancroft was:
Slim Summerville
Ellsworth 'Spuds' Fickett, cook
Slim Summerville was:
J. Farrell MacDonald
CWO 'Sails' Quincannon
J. Farrell MacDonald was:
Warren Hymer
Seaman Rocky Haggerty
Warren Hymer was:
Douglas Fowley
Seaman Pinky Brett
Douglas Fowley was:
Dick Hogan
Seaman Johnny Miller
Dick Hogan was:
Elisha Cook Jr.
Seaman Rutherford Davis Pratt, aka 'The Professor'
Elisha Cook Jr. was:
George E. Stone
Seaman Irving Goldfarb
George E. Stone was:
John Carradine
John Carradine was:
Ward Bond
Seaman Olaf Swanson
Ward Bond was:
Moroni Olsen
The Fleet Captain
Moroni Olsen was:
Charles Trowbridge
RAdm. Joseph Maitland
Charles Trowbridge was:
Maxie Rosenbloom
Marine Sentry Sgt. Joe Duffy
Maxie Rosenbloom was:
Joan Valerie
Joan Valerie was:
Henry Armetta
Henry Armetta was:
Jack Pennick
Bos'un 'Guns' McPeek
Jack Pennick was:
Robert Lowery
Sparks, radioman
Robert Lowery was:
Harry Strang
Seaman Grainger
Harry Strang was:
Victor Varconi
Italian Naval Chaplain Vanzano
Victor Varconi was:
Russ Clark
Undetermined Part (script name, Anderson)
Russ Clark was:
Charles Tannen
Undetermined Part (script name, Kelly)
Charles Tannen was:
Ernie Alexander
Warship Sailor
Ernie Alexander was:
Murray Alper
Orderly in Maitland's Office
Murray Alper was:
Lon Chaney Jr.
Marine Sentry
Lon Chaney Jr. was:
Dorothy Christy
McPeek's Girl
Dorothy Christy was:
E. E. Clive
E. E. Clive was:
Ray Cooke
Warship Sailor
Ray Cooke was:
Alan Davis
Maitland's Secretary-Lieutenant
Alan Davis was:
Duke Green
Warship Sailor
Duke Green was:
Fred Malatesta
Italian Gendarme at the 'Maria Ann'
Fred Malatesta was:
Frank Moran
Waiter at Dive
Frank Moran was:
Manuel París
Italian Gendarme at the 'Maria Ann'
Manuel París was:
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
German Officer
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink was:
Dick Wessel
Dock Shore Patrolman (facing camera)
Dick Wessel was:
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