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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Michael Shayne: Private Detective

Michael Shayne: Private Detective

Release Date: 1940-12-19 (80 years ago)
Lloyd Nolan
Michael Shayne
Lloyd Nolan was:
Marjorie Weaver
Phyllis Brighton
Marjorie Weaver was:
Joan Valerie
Marsha Gordon
Joan Valerie was:
Walter Abel
Elliott Thomas
Walter Abel was:
Elizabeth Patterson
Aunt Olivia
Elizabeth Patterson was:
Donald MacBride
Chief Peter Painter
Donald MacBride was:
Douglass Dumbrille
Benny Gordon (as Douglas Dumbrille)
Douglass Dumbrille was:
Clarence Kolb
Hiram P. Brighton
Clarence Kolb was:
George Meeker
Harry Grange
George Meeker was:
Charles Coleman
Charles Coleman was:
Adrian Morris
Adrian Morris was:
Robert Emmett Keane
Larry Kincaid
Robert Emmett Keane was:
Frank Orth
Frank Orth was:
Irving Bacon
Irving Bacon was:
Don Brodie
Reporter (uncredited)
Don Brodie was:
Bess Flowers
Racetrack Spectator in Sunglasses (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Jimmy Aubrey
Jimmy Aubrey was:
Paul E. Burns
Furniture Company Move
Paul E. Burns was:
James Conaty
Casino Patron
James Conaty was:
Robert Conway
Desk Clerk
Robert Conway was:
Sayre Dearing
Racetrack Spectator
Sayre Dearing was:
Ralph Dunn
First Bartender
Ralph Dunn was:
Fern Emmett
Fern Emmett was:
Dick French
Dick French was:
Harold Goodwin
Harold Goodwin was:
Dick Gordon
Casino Patron
Dick Gordon was:
Sherry Hall
2nd Bartender
Sherry Hall was:
Paul Kruger
Parking Attendent
Paul Kruger was:
Hamilton MacFadden
Hamilton MacFadden was:
Tony Martelli
Casino Patron
Tony Martelli was:
Major McBride
Major McBride was:
Harold Miller
Casino Patron
Harold Miller was:
Frank Mills
Frank Mills was:
Edmund Mortimer
Casino Patron
Edmund Mortimer was:
Field Norton
Casino Patron
Field Norton was:
Paddy O'Flynn
Paddy O'Flynn was:
James Pierce
Burly Man Downstairs
James Pierce was:
Dick Rich
Dick Rich was:
Jack Richardson
Casino Patron
Jack Richardson was:
Cyril Ring
Cyril Ring was:
Bob Rose
Bob Rose was:
S.S. Simon
Casino Patron
S.S. Simon was:
Larry Steers
Racetrack Spectator
Larry Steers was:
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