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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Girl in 313

Girl in 313

Release Date: 1940-05-31 (80 years ago)
Florence Rice
Joan Matthews
Florence Rice was:
Kent Taylor
Gregg Dunn
Kent Taylor was:
Lionel Atwill
Russell aka Henry Woodruff
Lionel Atwill was:
Kay Aldridge
Sarah Sorrell (as Katherine Aldridge)
Kay Aldridge was:
Mary Treen
Jenny, Hotel Maid
Mary Treen was:
Jack Carson
Police Lt. Pat O'Farrell
Jack Carson was:
Elyse Knox
Judith Wilson
Elyse Knox was:
Joan Valerie
Francine Edwards
Joan Valerie was:
Dorothy Dearing
Emmy Lou Bentley
Dorothy Dearing was:
Dorothy Moore
Dorothy Moore was:
Julie Bishop
Lorna Hobart
Julie Bishop was:
Charles C. Wilson
Vincent Brady, Commissioner of Police
Charles C. Wilson was:
William B. Davidson
George Grayson
William B. Davidson was:
Lenita Lane
Mrs. Whitman
Lenita Lane was:
Lillian Porter
Page Girl
Lillian Porter was:
Alice Armand
Alice Armand was:
Gladys Costello
Assistant Clerk
Gladys Costello was:
Adrian Morris
First Detective
Adrian Morris was:
Lee Phelps
Second Detective
Lee Phelps was:
Charles Williams
Henry - Husband
Charles Williams was:
Evalyn Knapp
Arrested Girl
Evalyn Knapp was:
Pat O'Malley
Pat O'Malley was:
James Flavin
Det. Carvin
James Flavin was:
Ralph Dunn
Det. Berner
Ralph Dunn was:
Eddy Chandler
Eddy Chandler was:
Rex Evans
Corday, Fashion Show MC
Rex Evans was:
Iris Wong
Chinese Model
Iris Wong was:
Laura Treadwell
Mrs. Jamison
Laura Treadwell was:
Grace Hayle
Mrs. Hudson
Grace Hayle was:
Edward Cooper
Edward Cooper was:
Billy Wayne
Cab Driver
Billy Wayne was:
Mantan Moreland
Mantan Moreland was:
Iva Stewart
Margie, Telephone Operator
Iva Stewart was:
Florence Wright
Florence Wright was:
Ralph Brooks
Extra at Fashion Show
Ralph Brooks was:
Jack Chefe
Extra at Fashion Show
Jack Chefe was:
James Conaty
James Conaty was:
Bess Flowers
Extra af Fashion Show
Bess Flowers was:
Edmund Mortimer
Extra at Fashion Show
Edmund Mortimer was:
Manuel París
Manuel París was:
Cyril Ring
Cyril Ring was:
Larry Steers
Extra at Fashion Show
Larry Steers was:
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