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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Free, Blonde and 21

Free, Blonde and 21

Release Date: 1940-03-28 (80 years ago)
Lynn Bari
Carol Northrup
Lynn Bari was:
Mary Beth Hughes
Jerry Daily
Mary Beth Hughes was:
Joan Davis
Joan Davis was:
Henry Wilcoxon
Dr. Hugh Mayberry
Henry Wilcoxon was:
Robert Lowery
Dr. Stephen Greig
Robert Lowery was:
Alan Baxter
Mickey Ryan
Alan Baxter was:
Kay Aldridge
Adelaide Sinclair (as Katherine Aldridge)
Kay Aldridge was:
Helen Ericson
Amy McCall
Helen Ericson was:
Chick Chandler
Chick Chandler was:
Joan Valerie
Joan Valerie was:
Elyse Knox
Elyse Knox was:
Dorothy Dearing
Dorothy Dearing was:
Herbert Rawlinson
John Crane
Herbert Rawlinson was:
Kay Linaker
Mrs. John Crane
Kay Linaker was:
Thomas E. Jackson
Inspector Saunders
Thomas E. Jackson was:
Richard Lane
Lieutenant Lake
Richard Lane was:
Frank Coghlan Jr.
Sammy, Bellboy
Frank Coghlan Jr. was:
Jerry Fletcher
Hotel clerk
Jerry Fletcher was:
Edward Cooper
Edward Cooper was:
Hooper Atchley
Payne, Sugar Daddy
Hooper Atchley was:
Jack Byron
Hotel Guest in Lobby
Jack Byron was:
Ruth Clifford
Ruth Clifford was:
Sarah Edwards
Undetermined Role
Sarah Edwards was:
Don Forbes
Don Forbes was:
Grace Goodall
Undetermined Role
Grace Goodall was:
Harold Goodwin
Undetermined Role
Harold Goodwin was:
Kay Griffith
Kay Griffith was:
Chuck Hamilton
Chuck Hamilton was:
Gwen Kenyon
New Girl
Gwen Kenyon was:
Lenita Lane
Mrs. Whitman, Hotel Manager
Lenita Lane was:
Tom McGuire
Edgar, Doorman
Tom McGuire was:
George Meeker
George Meeker was:
Dorothy Moore
Dorothy Moore was:
James C. Morton
James C. Morton was:
Henry Roquemore
James Thompson, Sugar Daddy
Henry Roquemore was:
Iva Stewart
Telephone Operator
Iva Stewart was:
Harry Strang
Police Sgt. Martin
Harry Strang was:
Brick Sullivan
Brick Sullivan was:
John Wald
John Wald was:
Ruth Warren
Ruth Warren was:
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