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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Man with Nine Lives

The Man with Nine Lives

Release Date: 1940-04-18 (81 years ago)
Boris Karloff
Dr. Leon Kravaal
Boris Karloff was:
Roger Pryor
Dr. Tim Mason
Roger Pryor was:
Jo Ann Sayers
Nurse Judith Blair
Jo Ann Sayers was:
Stanley Brown
Bob Adams
Stanley Brown was:
John Dilson
John Hawthorne
John Dilson was:
Hal Taliaferro
Sheriff Stanton
Hal Taliaferro was:
Byron Foulger
Dr. Bassett
Byron Foulger was:
Charles Trowbridge
Dr. Harvey
Charles Trowbridge was:
Ernie Adams
Pete Daggett
Ernie Adams was:
Minta Durfee
Frozen Therapy Patient
Minta Durfee was:
Charles Miller
Doctor Spectator Explaining Procedure
Charles Miller was:
Eddie Dew
Doctor Spectator Listening to Explanation
Eddie Dew was:
James Conaty
Doctor Spectator
James Conaty was:
Wedgwood Nowell
Doctor Spectator
Wedgwood Nowell was:
Cyril Ring
Doctor Spectator
Cyril Ring was:
Marion Williams
Doctor Spectator
Marion Williams was:
Landers Stevens
Doctor Spectator
Landers Stevens was:
Ivan Miller
Sheriff Haley
Ivan Miller was:
Bruce Bennett
State Trooper (uncredited)
Bruce Bennett was:
Charles Halton
Doctor in Front Row in Final Scene
Charles Halton was:
Lee Willard
Frozen Body of Jasper Adams
Lee Willard was:
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