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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run

Release Date: 1981-06-19 (40 years ago)
Burt Reynolds
J.J. McClure
Burt Reynolds was:
Roger Moore
Seymour Goldfarb, Jr.
Roger Moore was:
Farrah Fawcett
Pamela Glover
Farrah Fawcett was:
Dom DeLuise
Victor Prinzim / Captain Chaos
Dom DeLuise was:
Dean Martin
Jamie Blake
Dean Martin was:
Sammy Davis Jr.
Morris Fenderbaum
Sammy Davis Jr. was:
Jack Elam
Doctor Nikolas Van Helsing
Jack Elam was:
Adrienne Barbeau
Marcie Thatcher, Lamborghini Babe #1
Adrienne Barbeau was:
Terry Bradshaw
Terry Bradshaw was:
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan, Subaru Driver
Jackie Chan was:
Bert Convy
Bradford Compton
Bert Convy was:
Jamie Farr
The Sheik
Jamie Farr was:
Peter Fonda
Chief Biker
Peter Fonda was:
George Furth
A. F. Foyt
George Furth was:
Michael Hui
Michael Ho, Subaru Engineer
Michael Hui was:
Bianca Jagger
Sheik's Sister
Bianca Jagger was:
Molly Picon
Mom Goldfarb
Molly Picon was:
Jimmy Snyder
The Greek
Jimmy Snyder was:
Mel Tillis
Mel Tillis was:
Rick Aviles
Mad Dog
Rick Aviles was:
Warren Berlinger
Shakey Finch
Warren Berlinger was:
Tara Buckman
Jill Rivers, Lamborghini Babe #2
Tara Buckman was:
John Fiedler
Desk Clerk
John Fiedler was:
Norman Grabowski
Norman Grabowski was:
Joe Klecko
Polish Racing Driver
Joe Klecko was:
Grayce Spence
Chair Person
Grayce Spence was:
Robert Tessier
Robert Tessier was:
Alfie Wise
Alfie Wise was:
Johnny Yune
Talk Show Host
Johnny Yune was:
Lois Hamilton
Seymour's Girl
Lois Hamilton was:
Kathleen M. Shea
Starting Girl
Kathleen M. Shea was:
John Megna
Arthur Rose
John Megna was:
Laura Lizer Sommers
Lady in Distress
Laura Lizer Sommers was:
Richard Losee
Trans Am Driver
Richard Losee was:
Hal Needham
Ambulance EMT (uncredited)
Hal Needham was:
Valerie Perrine
Female Cop Pulling Over Lamborghini Babes (uncredited)
Valerie Perrine was:
Vickie Reigle
Car Hop Waitress
Vickie Reigle was:
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