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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Three Faces West

Three Faces West

Release Date: 1940-07-03 (81 years ago)
John Wayne
John Phillips
John Wayne was:
Sigrid Gurie
Leni 'Lenchen' Braun
Sigrid Gurie was:
Charles Coburn
Dr. Karl Braun
Charles Coburn was:
Spencer Charters
Dr. 'Nunk' Atterbury
Spencer Charters was:
Helen MacKellar
Mrs. Welles
Helen MacKellar was:
Roland Varno
Dr. Eric Von Scherer
Roland Varno was:
Sonny Bupp
Billy Welles
Sonny Bupp was:
Wade Boteler
Mr. Harris, Department of Agriculture Official
Wade Boteler was:
Trevor Bardette
Clem Higgins
Trevor Bardette was:
Russell Simpson
Russell Simpson was:
Charles Waldron
Dr. William Thorpe
Charles Waldron was:
Wendell Niles
Man-on-the-Street Radio Announcer
Wendell Niles was:
Frank Brownlee
Frank Brownlee was:
Bob Burns
Bob Burns was:
Horace B. Carpenter
White-Haired Farmer in Oregon
Horace B. Carpenter was:
Hugh Chapman
Hugh Chapman was:
Jim Corey
Jim Corey was:
Calvin Ellison
Calvin Ellison was:
Douglas Evans
'We the People' Radio MC
Douglas Evans was:
Mary Field
Mrs. Stebbins
Mary Field was:
Francis Ford
Farmer Bill, with Higgins
Francis Ford was:
Byron Foulger
Joe Stebbins
Byron Foulger was:
Stuart Holmes
Extra Farmer at Meeting
Stuart Holmes was:
Si Jenks
Train Conductor
Si Jenks was:
Darwood Kaye
Boy Patient Sitting in Chair
Darwood Kaye was:
Gretchen Kisker
Gretchen Kisker was:
Lola Milliorn
Lola Milliorn was:
Arthur Millett
Arthur Millett was:
Jack Montgomery
Jack Montgomery was:
Bill Nestell
Bill Nestell was:
Manuel París
Refugee Doctor
Manuel París was:
Hank Patterson
Pool Player
Hank Patterson was:
Rose Plumer
White Haired Farmer's Wife
Rose Plumer was:
Victor Potel
Victor Potel was:
Dewey Robinson
Dewey Robinson was:
John Sheehan
Man Asking When Wedding Will Be
John Sheehan was:
Ted Stanhope
Ted Stanhope was:
Frederick Vogeding
Herr Schmidt, Eric's Assistant
Frederick Vogeding was:
Bill Wolfe
Farmer Driving to Oregon
Bill Wolfe was:
Wolfgang Zilzer
Dr. Rudolf Preussner
Wolfgang Zilzer was:
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