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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Westerner

The Westerner

Release Date: 1940-09-18 (81 years ago)
Gary Cooper
Cole Harden
Gary Cooper was:
Walter Brennan
Judge Roy Bean
Walter Brennan was:
Doris Davenport
Jane Ellen Mathews
Doris Davenport was:
Fred Stone
Caliphet Mathews
Fred Stone was:
Forrest Tucker
Wade Harper
Forrest Tucker was:
Paul Hurst
Paul Hurst was:
Chill Wills
Chill Wills was:
Lilian Bond
Lily Langtry
Lilian Bond was:
Dana Andrews
Hod Johnson
Dana Andrews was:
Charles Halton
Mort Borrow
Charles Halton was:
Trevor Bardette
Shad Wilkins
Trevor Bardette was:
Tom Tyler
King Evans
Tom Tyler was:
Lucien Littlefield
The Stranger
Lucien Littlefield was:
C.E. Anderson
Hezekiah Willever (uncredited)
C.E. Anderson was:
Stanley Andrews
Sheriff (uncredited)
Stanley Andrews was:
Arthur Aylesworth
Mr. Dixon - Homesteader (uncredited)
Arthur Aylesworth was:
Bill Beauman
Man Getting Haircut (uncredited)
Bill Beauman was:
Hank Bell
Deputy (uncredited)
Hank Bell was:
Gertrude Bennett
Abigail (uncredited)
Gertrude Bennett was:
Danny Borzage
Joe Yates (uncredited)
Danny Borzage was:
Charles Coleman
Lily Langtry's Manager (uncredited)
Charles Coleman was:
Heinie Conklin
Man at Ticket Window (uncredited)
Heinie Conklin was:
Philip Connor
John Yancy (uncredited)
Philip Connor was:
Buck Connors
Abraham Wilson (uncredited)
Buck Connors was:
Frank Cordell
Man (uncredited)
Frank Cordell was:
Jim Corey
Lee Webb (uncredited)
Jim Corey was:
Joe De La Cruz
Mex (uncredited)
Joe De La Cruz was:
Helen Foster
Janice (uncredited)
Helen Foster was:
William Gillis
Leon Beauregard (uncredited)
William Gillis was:
Roger Gray
Eph Stringer - Homesteader (uncredited)
Roger Gray was:
Aleth Hansen
Walt McGary (uncredited)
Aleth Hansen was:
Lew Kelly
Ticket Man (uncredited)
Lew Kelly was:
Connie Leon
Lily Langtry's Maid (uncredited)
Connie Leon was:
Art Mix
Seth Tucker (uncredited)
Art Mix was:
Corbet Morris
Orchestra Leader (uncredited)
Corbet Morris was:
Buck Moulton
Charles Evans (uncredited)
Buck Moulton was:
Jack Pennick
Henry Williams (uncredited)
Jack Pennick was:
Julian Rivero
Juan Gomez (uncredited)
Julian Rivero was:
Henry Roquemore
Stage Manager (uncredited)
Henry Roquemore was:
Annabelle Rousseau
Elizabeth (uncredited)
Annabelle Rousseau was:
Miriam Sherwin
Martha (uncredited)
Miriam Sherwin was:
William Steele
Tex Cole (uncredited)
William Steele was:
Phil Tead
Prisoner (uncredited)
Phil Tead was:
Lupita Tovar
Teresita (uncredited)
Lupita Tovar was:
Blackjack Ward
Buck Harrigan (uncredited)
Blackjack Ward was:
Ted Wells
Joe Lawrence (uncredited)
Ted Wells was:
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