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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Thrill Hunter

The Thrill Hunter

Release Date: 1933-04-30 (88 years ago)
Buck Jones
Buck Crosby
Buck Jones was:
Dorothy Revier
Marjorie Lane
Dorothy Revier was:
Edward LeSaint
Director Ed Jackson (as Edward Le Saint)
Edward LeSaint was:
Eddie Kane
Sam Levine, producer
Eddie Kane was:
Arthur Rankin
Roy Lang
Arthur Rankin was:
Frank LaRue
Rancher Hall
Frank LaRue was:
Robert Ellis
Al Blake
Robert Ellis was:
Harry Semels
Henchman Lou Norton
Harry Semels was:
Albert J. Smith
Albert J. Smith was:
John Ince
Mayor Thomas Hewitt
John Ince was:
Alfred P. James
Man Who Presents Award
Alfred P. James was:
Harry Todd
Station Agent
Harry Todd was:
Willie Fung
Wong, the Cook
Willie Fung was:
Silver, Buck's Horse
Silver was:
Silver Tip Baker
Silver Tip Baker was:
Hank Bell
Studio Western Cowboy
Hank Bell was:
Charles Brinley
Hobo on Train
Charles Brinley was:
Ralph Bucko
Studio Western Cowboy
Ralph Bucko was:
Roy Bucko
Studio Western Cowboy
Roy Bucko was:
Jim Corey
Deputy Jim
Jim Corey was:
Alice Dahl
Studio Western Actress
Alice Dahl was:
Frank Ellis
Studio Western Cowboy
Frank Ellis was:
Bud McClure
Studio Western Cowboy
Bud McClure was:
Art Mix
Cleveland, Race Car Driver
Art Mix was:
Edmund Mortimer
Dinner Guest
Edmund Mortimer was:
Bob Reeves
Studio Western Extra
Bob Reeves was:
Buddy Roosevelt
Marjorie's Chauffeur
Buddy Roosevelt was:
Alan Roscoe
Movie Cowboy Joe
Alan Roscoe was:
Joe Ryan
Studio Western Extra
Joe Ryan was:
Carl Stockdale
Carl Stockdale was:
Glenn Strange
Studio Western Cowboy
Glenn Strange was:
Billy Sullivan
Studio Press Agent
Billy Sullivan was:
Blackjack Ward
Studio Western Cowboy
Blackjack Ward was:
Jay Wilsey
Jay Wilsey was:
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