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The Adventures of Frank Merriwell

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell

Release Date: 1936-01-13 (85 years ago)
Donald Briggs
Frank Merriwell (as Don Briggs)
Donald Briggs was:
Jean Rogers
Elsie Belwood
Jean Rogers was:
John 'Dusty' King
Bruce Browning (as John King)
John 'Dusty' King was:
Carla Laemmle
Carla Rogers
Carla Laemmle was:
House Peters Jr.
House Peters
House Peters Jr. was:
Herschel Mayall Jr.
'Hersh' Mayall
Herschel Mayall Jr. was:
Wallace Reid Jr.
Wally Reid
Wallace Reid Jr. was:
Edward Arnold Jr.
Eddie Arnold
Edward Arnold Jr. was:
Bryant Washburn Jr.
Bryant Washburn
Bryant Washburn Jr. was:
Allan Hersholt
Allen Hersholt
Allan Hersholt was:
Carlyle Blackwell Jr.
Carlyle Blackwell
Carlyle Blackwell Jr. was:
Peter Gowland
Peter Gowland
Peter Gowland was:
Sumner Getchell
Sumner Getchell was:
William P. Carleton
Charles Merriwell
William P. Carleton was:
Ben Hewlett
Ben Hewlett was:
Ella Ethridge
Mrs. Mary Merriwell
Ella Ethridge was:
Walter Law
Murray Belwood
Walter Law was:
Jack Donovan
Coach Harding
Jack Donovan was:
Al Bridge
Henchman Black
Al Bridge was:
Sam McDaniel
Sam McDaniel was:
King Baggot
Chemistry Professor
King Baggot was:
Chief John Big Tree
Indian John
Chief John Big Tree was:
Lynton Brent
Helpful Driver
Lynton Brent was:
Viola Callahan
Mrs. McLaw
Viola Callahan was:
Edmund Cobb
Edmund Cobb was:
Jim Corey
Bill / Stalking Indian
Jim Corey was:
Richard Cramer
Road Crew Foreman
Richard Cramer was:
Joseph De Grasse
Dr. Cummings
Joseph De Grasse was:
William Desmond
Captain of the 'Viking'
William Desmond was:
Al Ferguson
Big Tom
Al Ferguson was:
Billy Franey
Barbecue Cook
Billy Franey was:
M.J. Frankovich
Baseball Game Announcer
M.J. Frankovich was:
Chester Gan
Lumber Camp Cook
Chester Gan was:
June Gittelson
Dance Party Guest
June Gittelson was:
Frank Hagney
Frank Hagney was:
Jack Hall
Theater Doorman
Jack Hall was:
Millard 'Dixie' Howell
Football Player
Millard 'Dixie' Howell was:
Dickie Jones
Jimmy McLaw
Dickie Jones was:
Eddie Kane
Man in Audience (archive footage)
Eddie Kane was:
Eddie Kane
Eddie Kane was:
Isabel La Mal
Mrs. Belwood
Isabel La Mal was:
Bruce Lane
Yacht Captain
Bruce Lane was:
Charles Lane
Man in Front Row (archive footage)
Charles Lane was:
Nick Lukats
Second Mate of the 'Viking'
Nick Lukats was:
Philo McCullough
Philo McCullough was:
Monte Montague
Monte Montague was:
Carlos Montalbán
Rurale Captain
Carlos Montalbán was:
Charles Murphy
Yacht Crewman
Charles Murphy was:
Dave O'Brien
George Baldwin
Dave O'Brien was:
Artie Ortego
Artie Ortego was:
Bud Osborne
Bud Osborne was:
Chief Tonaka
Rain-in-the-Face was:
Fred Sumner
Prof. Baldwin
Fred Sumner was:
Max Wagner
Pug O'Leary
Max Wagner was:
Dick Wessel
Dick Wessel was:
Slim Whitaker
Slim Whitaker was:
Bert Young
Bert Young was:
Robert Walker
Robert Walker was:
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