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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

South of the Border

South of the Border

Release Date: 1939-12-15 (81 years ago)
Gene Autry
Gene Autry
Gene Autry was:
Smiley Burnette
Smiley Burnette was:
June Storey
Lois Martin
June Storey was:
Lupita Tovar
Dolores Mendoza
Lupita Tovar was:
Mary Lee
Mary Lee was:
Duncan Renaldo
Andreo Mendoza
Duncan Renaldo was:
Frank Reicher
Don Diego Mendoza
Frank Reicher was:
Alan Edwards
Alan Edwards was:
Claire Du Brey
Claire Du Brey was:
Dick Botiller
Bandit Pablo
Dick Botiller was:
William Farnum
William Farnum was:
Selmer Jackson
American Consul
Selmer Jackson was:
Chuck Baldra
Chuck Baldra was:
Champ - Gene's Horse
Champion was:
Jim Corey
Jim Corey was:
Sheila Darcy
Sheila Darcy was:
Joe De La Cruz
Joe De La Cruz was:
Curley Dresden
Bandit Wearing a Bandolero
Curley Dresden was:
Bess Flowers
La Casa Cantina Patron
Bess Flowers was:
Buddy Gilmore
Member The Checkerboard Band
Buddy Gilmore was:
Herman Hack
Cantina Patron
Herman Hack was:
Reed Howes
Saunders' Henchman Slugging Gene
Reed Howes was:
Charles King
Charles King was:
Rex Lease
Rex Lease was:
Frankie Marvin
Frankie Marvin was:
Merrill McCormick
Merrill McCormick was:
George Montgomery
George Montgomery was:
Buck Moulton
Buck Moulton was:
Jack O'Shea
Jack O'Shea was:
Wesley Patterson
Member The Checkerboard Band
Wesley Patterson was:
Jack Perrin
Jack Perrin was:
Bud Pope
Mexican Rurale
Bud Pope was:
Hal Price
Boat Captain
Hal Price was:
Julian Rivero
Julian Rivero was:
Ernest Sarracino
Ernest Sarracino was:
Sid Sherman
Member The Checkerboard Band
Sid Sherman was:
George Thall
Member The Checkerboard Band
George Thall was:
Art Wenzel
Member The Checkerboard Band
Art Wenzel was:
Slim Whitaker
Slim Whitaker was:
Bill Yrigoyen
Man in Oil Truck
Bill Yrigoyen was:
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