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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Robin Hood of the Pecos

Robin Hood of the Pecos

Release Date: 1941-01-14 (80 years ago)
Roy Rogers
Vance Corbin
Roy Rogers was:
George 'Gabby' Hayes
Gabriel Gabby Hornaday
George 'Gabby' Hayes was:
Marjorie Reynolds
Ambrose Ballard
Marjorie Reynolds was:
Cy Kendall
Ambrose Ballard
Cy Kendall was:
Sally Payne
Belle Starr
Sally Payne was:
Eddie Acuff
Sam Starr
Eddie Acuff was:
Leigh Whipper
Leigh Whipper was:
Robert Strange
Wilbur Cravens
Robert Strange was:
William Haade
Captain Jeff Morgan
William Haade was:
Jay Novello
Jay Novello was:
Roscoe Ates
Jailer Guffy
Roscoe Ates was:
Chuck Baldra
Henchman (uncredited)
Chuck Baldra was:
Wade Boteler
General Wright (uncredited)
Wade Boteler was:
Bob Burns
Juror (uncredited)
Bob Burns was:
Fred Burns
Townsman (uncredited)
Fred Burns was:
Bob Card
Juror (uncredited)
Bob Card was:
Spade Cooley
Soldier (uncredited)
Spade Cooley was:
Jim Corey
Henchman (uncredited)
Jim Corey was:
Victor Cox
Henchman (uncredited)
Victor Cox was:
Art Dillard
Henchman (uncredited)
Art Dillard was:
Chick Hannan
Henchman (uncredited)
Chick Hannan was:
Henry Hall
Townsman (uncredited)
Henry Hall was:
Al Haskell
Soldier (uncredited)
Al Haskell was:
Howard Hickman
Colonel Davis (uncredited)
Howard Hickman was:
Jack Ingram
Army Officer (uncredited)
Jack Ingram was:
Lew Kelly
Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Lew Kelly was:
Jack Kirk
Rancher Curly (uncredited)
Jack Kirk was:
Ted Mapes
Army Sentry (uncredited)
Ted Mapes was:
Frank McCarroll
Henchman at Trial (uncredited)
Frank McCarroll was:
Art Mix
Townsman (uncredited)
Art Mix was:
Jack Montgomery
Henchman (uncredited)
Jack Montgomery was:
Pascale Perry
Soldier (uncredited)
Pascale Perry was:
Al Taylor
Rancher Ed (uncredited)
Al Taylor was:
Nick Stewart
Mose Johnson (uncredited)
Nick Stewart was:
John Bose
Juror (uncredited)
John Bose was:
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