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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Prairie Thunder

Prairie Thunder

Release Date: 1937-09-10 (84 years ago)
Dick Foran
Rod Farrell
Dick Foran was:
Janet Shaw
Joan Temple
Janet Shaw was:
Smoke was:
Frank Orth
Frank Orth was:
Wilfred Lucas
Nate Temple
Wilfred Lucas was:
Albert J. Smith
Albert J. Smith was:
Yakima Canutt
High Wolf
Yakima Canutt was:
George Chesebro
George Chesebro was:
Slim Whitaker
Indian Fighter
Slim Whitaker was:
J.P. McGowan
Col. Stanton
J.P. McGowan was:
John Harron
Lt. Adams
John Harron was:
Henry Otho
Henry Otho was:
Chief John Big Tree
Chief John Big Tree was:
Ralph Bucko
Lynch's Henchman
Ralph Bucko was:
Bob Burns
Bob Burns was:
Iron Eyes Cody
Iron Eyes Cody was:
Buck Connors
Buck Connors was:
Ben Corbett
Wagon Driver
Ben Corbett was:
Jim Corey
Jim Corey was:
Frank Ellis
Frank Ellis was:
George Guhl
George Guhl was:
Stuart Holmes
Stuart Holmes was:
Frank McCarroll
Lynch's Henchman
Frank McCarroll was:
Art Mix
Telegrapher Allen
Art Mix was:
Kansas Moehring
Lynch's Henchman
Kansas Moehring was:
Al Taylor
Lineman (archive footage)
Al Taylor was:
Lottie Williams
Lady at Telegraph Camp
Lottie Williams was:
Walter Young
General Otis
Walter Young was:
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