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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Melody Ranch

Melody Ranch

Release Date: 1940-09-15 (81 years ago)
Gene Autry
Cornelius J. Courtney
Gene Autry was:
Ann Miller
Julie Shelton
Ann Miller was:
Jimmy Durante
Cornelius J. Courtney
Jimmy Durante was:
Barton MacLane
Mark Wildhack
Barton MacLane was:
Jerome Cowan
Tommy Summerville
Jerome Cowan was:
Barbara Jo Allen
Veronica Whipple
Barbara Jo Allen was:
George 'Gabby' Hayes
Pop Laramie
George 'Gabby' Hayes was:
Mary Lee
Penny Curtis
Mary Lee was:
Joe Sawyer
Jasper Wildhack
Joe Sawyer was:
Horace McMahon
Bud Wildhack
Horace McMahon was:
Clarence Wilson
Judge Henderson
Clarence Wilson was:
William Benedict
William Benedict was:
Donnie Allen
Donnie Allen was:
Maxine Ardell
Maxine Ardell was:
Billy Bletcher
Scarlet Shadow Radio Actor
Billy Bletcher was:
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys was:
Veda Ann Borg
Veda Ann Borg was:
Roy Bucko
Roy Bucko was:
Bob Card
Melody Ranch Band Musician
Bob Card was:
George Chandler
Taxi Driver
George Chandler was:
George Chesebro
George Chesebro was:
Edmund Cobb
Autry Voter Complaining to Pop
Edmund Cobb was:
Spade Cooley
Melody Ranch Band Musician
Spade Cooley was:
Tex Cooper
Bets on Autry
Tex Cooper was:
Jim Corey
Autry Rider
Jim Corey was:
Carl Cotner
Melody Ranch Band Musician
Carl Cotner was:
Jack Deery
Radio Show Spectator
Jack Deery was:
Curley Dresden
Autry Rider
Curley Dresden was:
Dick Elliott
Sheriff Barstow
Dick Elliott was:
Johnnie Fleming
Johnnie Fleming was:
Charlotte Fletcher
Charlotte Fletcher was:
O.K. Ford
O.K. Ford was:
Ruth Gifford
Ruth Gifford was:
Herman Hack
Frank #2
Herman Hack was:
Frank Hagney
Man Who Asks for Quiet
Frank Hagney was:
Donald Haines
Donald Haines was:
Chick Hannan
Wildhack Cohort
Chick Hannan was:
Lloyd Ingraham
Ed - Bartender
Lloyd Ingraham was:
Jack Ingram
Radio Actor with Loco
Jack Ingram was:
Tiny Jones
Woman Asking About Electric Shock
Tiny Jones was:
Jane Keckley
Trolley Passenger
Jane Keckley was:
Jack Kirk
Heavy Man at Back of Bus with Corny
Jack Kirk was:
Tom London
Henchman Joe #2
Tom London was:
Harley Luse
Melody Ranch Band Musician
Harley Luse was:
Frankie Marvin
Melody Ranch Band Musician
Frankie Marvin was:
Frank McCarroll
Frank McCarroll was:
Merrill McCormick
Merrill McCormick was:
John Merton
Warns the Wildhacks
John Merton was:
Art Mix
Art Mix was:
Jack Montgomery
Henchman Charlie
Jack Montgomery was:
Horace Murphy
Loco - Cowboy Radio Actor
Horace Murphy was:
Bill Nestell
Man at Trial
Bill Nestell was:
Post Park
Stage Driver
Post Park was:
Gene Roth
Henchman Joe #1
Gene Roth was:
Sewell Shurtz
Sewell Shurtz was:
Tom Smith
Tom Smith was:
Ray Teal
Ray Teal was:
Wally West
Wally West was:
Slim Whitaker
Autry Voter on Trolley
Slim Whitaker was:
Joe Yrigoyen
Joe Yrigoyen was:
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