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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Law and Order

Law and Order

Release Date: 1940-11-28 (80 years ago)
Johnny Mack Brown
Bill Ralston
Johnny Mack Brown was:
Fuzzy Knight
Fuzzy Knight was:
Nell O'Day
Sally Dixon
Nell O'Day was:
James Craig
James Craig was:
Harry Cording
Poe Daggett
Harry Cording was:
Earle Hodgins
Sheriff Fin Elder
Earle Hodgins was:
Robert Fiske
Ed Deal
Robert Fiske was:
Jimmie Dodd
Jimmy Dixon
Jimmie Dodd was:
William Worthington
Judge Williams
William Worthington was:
Ted Adams
Walt Daggett
Ted Adams was:
Ethan Laidlaw
Kurt Daggett
Ethan Laidlaw was:
George Plues
Stagecoach Driver
George Plues was:
Harry Humphrey
Cal Dixon
Harry Humphrey was:
Robert Barron
Robert Barron was:
Roy Bucko
Roy Bucko was:
Wong Chung
Chinese Man
Wong Chung was:
Jim Corey
Jim Corey was:
Victor Cox
Victor Cox was:
Frank Ellis
Frank Ellis was:
Herman Hack
Herman Hack was:
Bob Kortman
Henchman Pete
Bob Kortman was:
Scoop Martin
Scoop Martin was:
Kermit Maynard
Kermit Maynard was:
Frank McCarroll
Frank McCarroll was:
Lew Meehan
Voting Official
Lew Meehan was:
Bill Nestell
Burly Vote Counter
Bill Nestell was:
Cliff Parkinson
Henchman Alex
Cliff Parkinson was:
Eddie Polo
Bartender Ed
Eddie Polo was:
Bob Reeves
Bob Reeves was:
Jack Shannon
Jack Shannon was:
Tom Smith
Tom Smith was:
Al Taylor
Al Taylor was:
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