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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Gaucho Serenade

Gaucho Serenade

Release Date: 1940-05-09 (81 years ago)
Gene Autry
Gene Autry
Gene Autry was:
Smiley Burnette
Frog Millhouse
Smiley Burnette was:
June Storey
Joyce Halloway
June Storey was:
Mary Lee
Patsy Halloway
Mary Lee was:
Duncan Renaldo
Gaucho Don José
Duncan Renaldo was:
Clifford Severn
Ronnie Willoughby
Clifford Severn was:
Lester Matthews
Frederick Willoughby
Lester Matthews was:
Smith Ballew
Buck Benson
Smith Ballew was:
Joseph Crehan
Edward Martin
Joseph Crehan was:
William Ruhl
Henchman Carter
William Ruhl was:
Wade Boteler
Wade Boteler was:
Ted Adams
E.J. Jenkins
Ted Adams was:
Wendell Niles
Radio Announcer
Wendell Niles was:
Chuck Baldra
Chuck Baldra was:
Ralph Bucko
Ralph Bucko was:
Fred Burns
Fred Burns was:
Ed Cassidy
Customs Officer
Ed Cassidy was:
Champion was:
Jim Corey
Henchman on Train
Jim Corey was:
Kernan Cripps
Police Radioman
Kernan Cripps was:
Joe Dominguez
Mexican Vaquero
Joe Dominguez was:
José Eslava
Orchestra Leader
José Eslava was:
Joel Friedkin
Small Official
Joel Friedkin was:
Olaf Hytten
Norton School Headmaster
Olaf Hytten was:
Jack Kirk
Gas Station Attendant
Jack Kirk was:
George Lloyd
George Lloyd was:
Tom London
Sheriff Tom Olson
Tom London was:
Frankie Marvin
Gas Station Attendant #2
Frankie Marvin was:
Walter Miller
George Blake
Walter Miller was:
Gene Morgan
Motorcycle Cop #2
Gene Morgan was:
Julian Rivero
Mexican Rancher
Julian Rivero was:
Ralph Sanford
Motorcycle Cop
Ralph Sanford was:
Harry Strang
Harry Strang was:
Al Taylor
Al Taylor was:
Fred 'Snowflake' Toones
New York City Pier Worker
Fred 'Snowflake' Toones was:
Fred Velasco
Fred Velasco was:
Mary Velasco
Mary Velasco was:
Hank Worden
Farmer Driving Jalopy
Hank Worden was:
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