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Release Date: 1940-09-15 (81 years ago)
Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers was:
George 'Gabby' Hayes
George 'Gabby' Hayes was:
Pauline Moore
Lylah Sanford
Pauline Moore was:
Milburn Stone
Don Burke - alias Capt. Donald Mason
Milburn Stone was:
Maude Eburne
Etta Mae
Maude Eburne was:
Arthur Loft
Jim Macklin - Indian Commissioner
Arthur Loft was:
Hal Taliaferro
Hal Taliaferro was:
Vester Pegg
Sam Smith - Henchman
Vester Pegg was:
Fred Burns
Sheriff Jeff Harkins
Fred Burns was:
Lloyd Ingraham
Henry Sanford
Lloyd Ingraham was:
Stanley Andrews
Col. Gibbons
Stanley Andrews was:
Chuck Baldra
Chuck Baldra was:
Hank Bell
Hank Bell was:
Ray Bennett
Fred - Henchman
Ray Bennett was:
Roy Bucko
Roy Bucko was:
Ed Cassidy
Ed Cassidy was:
George Chesebro
George Chesebro was:
Iron Eyes Cody
Indian Henchman
Iron Eyes Cody was:
Spade Cooley
Spade Cooley was:
Jim Corey
Jim Corey was:
Joseph Crehan
Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
Joseph Crehan was:
Robert Fiske
Mr. Carter
Robert Fiske was:
Joel Friedkin
Judge Newton
Joel Friedkin was:
Karl Hackett
Mr. Haynes
Karl Hackett was:
Ray Jones
Sheriff Shooting Fred
Ray Jones was:
Jack Kirk
Tim - Stage Driver
Jack Kirk was:
Louis Mason
1st Denver Sheriff
Louis Mason was:
Joe McGuinn
Joe McGuinn was:
Monte Montague
Gold Crown Saloon Bartender
Monte Montague was:
James C. Morton
Stagecoach Station Manager
James C. Morton was:
Tex Palmer
Tex Palmer was:
Eddie Phillips
Lt. Morgan
Eddie Phillips was:
Bob Reeves
Bob Reeves was:
Jack Rockwell
Man Reporting Indian Raid
Jack Rockwell was:
George Rosener
Secret Service Official
George Rosener was:
Joan Standing
Saloon Reader
Joan Standing was:
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