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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of P.J.


Release Date: Wednesday, March 27 1968 (54 years ago)
Portrait of George PeppardGeorge Peppard
P.J. Detweiler
George Peppard was:
Portrait of Raymond BurrRaymond Burr
William Orbison
Raymond Burr was:
Portrait of Gayle HunnicuttGayle Hunnicutt
Maureen Preble
Gayle Hunnicutt was:
Portrait of Brock PetersBrock Peters
Brock Peters was:
Portrait of Wilfrid Hyde-WhiteWilfrid Hyde-White
Wilfrid Hyde-White was:
Portrait of Jason EversJason Evers
Jason Grenoble
Jason Evers was:
Portrait of Coleen GrayColeen Gray
Betty Orbison
Coleen Gray was:
Portrait of Susan Saint JamesSusan Saint James
Linette Orbison
Susan Saint James was:
Portrait of Severn DardenSevern Darden
Shelton Quell
Severn Darden was:
Portrait of Jane Van DuserJane Van Duser
Elinor Silene (as H. Jane Van Duser)
Jane Van Duser was:
Portrait of George FurthGeorge Furth
Sonny Silene
George Furth was:
Portrait of Barbara DanaBarbara Dana
Barbara Dana was:
Portrait of Herb EdelmanHerb Edelman
Charlie (as Herbert Edelman)
Herb Edelman was:
Portrait of John QualenJohn Qualen
Poppa Gonowski
John Qualen was:
Portrait of Bert FreedBert Freed
Police Lieutenant
Bert Freed was:
Portrait of Ken LynchKen Lynch
Ken Lynch was:
Portrait of Jim BolesJim Boles
Landlord's Agent
Jim Boles was:
Portrait of Arte JohnsonArte Johnson
Arte Johnson was:
Portrait of King Charles MacNilesKing Charles MacNiles
Calypso Singer
King Charles MacNiles was:
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