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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Weird Science

Weird Science

Release Date: 1985-08-01 (35 years ago)
Anthony Michael Hall
Gary Wallace
Anthony Michael Hall was:
Kelly LeBrock
Kelly LeBrock was:
Ilan Mitchell-Smith
Wyatt Donnelly
Ilan Mitchell-Smith was:
Bill Paxton
Chet Donnelly
Bill Paxton was:
Suzanne Snyder
Suzanne Snyder was:
Judie Aronson
Judie Aronson was:
Robert Rusler
Robert Rusler was:
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. was:
Steve James
Guy At Table
Steve James was:
Vernon Wells
Lord General
Vernon Wells was:
Michael Berryman
Mutant Biker
Michael Berryman was:
Jill Whitlow
Perfume Salesgirl
Jill Whitlow was:
Britt Leach
Al Wallace
Britt Leach was:
Kym Malin
Girl Playing Piano
Kym Malin was:
John Kapelos
John Kapelos was:
Prince Hughes
Party Guest (as Prince A. Hughes)
Prince Hughes was:
Ann Coyle
Carmen Donnelly
Ann Coyle was:
Suzy J. Kellems
Suzy J. Kellems was:
Chino 'Fats' Williams
Bar Patron
Chino 'Fats' Williams was:
Robin Frohman
Girl in Bathroom
Robin Frohman was:
Alison Carole Lowe
Girl in Upside Down Bathroom
Alison Carole Lowe was:
Rick Le Fevour
Policeman (as Rick LeFevor)
Rick Le Fevour was:
James Huffman
Young Kid at Party (uncredited)
James Huffman was:
Michael K. Washko
Mall Shopper (uncredited)
Michael K. Washko was:
Ivor Barry
Henry Donnelly
Ivor Barry was:
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