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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Wayward Girl

The Wayward Girl

Release Date: Sunday, September 22 1957 (64 years ago)
Portrait of Marcia HendersonMarcia Henderson
Judy Wingate
Marcia Henderson was:
Portrait of Peter WalkerPeter Walker
Tommy Gray
Peter Walker was:
Portrait of Katherine BarrettKatherine Barrett
Frances Wingate
Katherine Barrett was:
Portrait of Whit BissellWhit Bissell
Ira Molson
Whit Bissell was:
Portrait of Rita LynnRita Lynn
Midge Brackett
Rita Lynn was:
Portrait of Peg HilliasPeg Hillias
Hilda Carlson
Peg Hillias was:
Portrait of Tracey RobertsTracey Roberts
Dot Martin
Tracey Roberts was:
Portrait of Ric RomanRic Roman
Eddie Nolan
Ric Roman was:
Portrait of Ray TealRay Teal
Ray Teal was:
Portrait of Barbara EdenBarbara Eden
Barbara Eden was:
Portrait of Grandon RhodesGrandon Rhodes
DA Nevins
Grandon Rhodes was:
Portrait of Francis De SalesFrancis De Sales
Investigator Butler
Francis De Sales was:
Portrait of John MaxwellJohn Maxwell
Parole Agent
John Maxwell was:
Portrait of Lowell BrownLowell Brown
Lowell Brown was:
Portrait of Jesslyn FaxJesslyn Fax
Older Prisoner (uncredited)
Jesslyn Fax was:
Portrait of Herb VigranHerb Vigran
Used-Furniture Buyer (uncredited)
Herb Vigran was:
Portrait of Wendy WildeWendy Wilde
Prisoner (uncredited)
Wendy Wilde was:
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