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Poster of How To Be Very, Very Popular

How To Be Very, Very Popular

Release Date: Friday, July 22 1955 (67 years ago)
Portrait of Betty GrableBetty Grable
Stormy Tornado
Betty Grable was:
Portrait of Sheree NorthSheree North
Curly Flagg
Sheree North was:
Portrait of Robert CummingsRobert Cummings
Fillmore 'Wedge' Wedgewood
Robert Cummings was:
Portrait of Charles CoburnCharles Coburn
Dr. Tweed
Charles Coburn was:
Portrait of Tommy NoonanTommy Noonan
Eddie Jones
Tommy Noonan was:
Portrait of Charlotte AustinCharlotte Austin
Charlotte Austin was:
Portrait of Orson BeanOrson Bean
Toby Marshall
Orson Bean was:
Portrait of Fred ClarkFred Clark
B.J. Marshall
Fred Clark was:
Portrait of Alice PearceAlice Pearce
Miss 'Syl' Sylvester
Alice Pearce was:
Portrait of Rhys WilliamsRhys Williams
Cedric Flagg
Rhys Williams was:
Portrait of Andrew TombesAndrew Tombes
Police Sgt. Moon
Andrew Tombes was:
Portrait of Noel ToyNoel Toy
Cherry Blossom Wang
Noel Toy was:
Portrait of Emory ParnellEmory Parnell
Chief of Police
Emory Parnell was:
Portrait of Harry CarterHarry Carter
Bus Driver
Harry Carter was:
Portrait of Jesslyn FaxJesslyn Fax
Music Teacher
Jesslyn Fax was:
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