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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Blue Denim

Blue Denim

Release Date: Thursday, July 30 1959 (63 years ago)
Portrait of Carol LynleyCarol Lynley
Janet Willard
Carol Lynley was:
Portrait of Brandon De WildeBrandon De Wilde
Arthur Bartley
Brandon De Wilde was:
Portrait of Macdonald CareyMacdonald Carey
Maj. Malcolm Bartley, Ret.
Macdonald Carey was:
Portrait of Marsha HuntMarsha Hunt
Jessie Bartley
Marsha Hunt was:
Portrait of Warren BerlingerWarren Berlinger
Warren Berlinger was:
Portrait of Vaughn TaylorVaughn Taylor
Professor Willard
Vaughn Taylor was:
Portrait of Nina ShipmanNina Shipman
Lillian Bartley
Nina Shipman was:
Portrait of Buck ClassBuck Class
Axel Sorenson
Buck Class was:
Portrait of Roberta ShoreRoberta Shore
Roberta Shore was:
Portrait of William SchallertWilliam Schallert
George - Bank Vice President (uncredited)
William Schallert was:
Portrait of Jenny MaxwellJenny Maxwell
Marion (uncredited)
Jenny Maxwell was:
Portrait of Jesslyn FaxJesslyn Fax
Aunt Margaret
Jesslyn Fax was:
Portrait of Sam BuffingtonSam Buffington
Sam Buffington was:
Portrait of Billie BirdBillie Bird
Woman (uncredited)
Billie Bird was:
Portrait of Bess FlowersBess Flowers
Chaperon at Dance (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
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