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Poster of The Presidio

The Presidio

Release Date: Friday, June 10 1988 (34 years ago)
Portrait of Sean ConnerySean Connery
Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell
Sean Connery was:
Portrait of Mark HarmonMark Harmon
Jay Austin
Mark Harmon was:
Portrait of Meg RyanMeg Ryan
Donna Caldwell
Meg Ryan was:
Portrait of Jack WardenJack Warden
Sgt. Maj. Ross Maclure
Jack Warden was:
Portrait of Mark BlumMark Blum
Arthur Peale
Mark Blum was:
Portrait of Dana GladstoneDana Gladstone
Col. Paul Lawrence
Dana Gladstone was:
Portrait of Jenette GoldsteinJenette Goldstein
Patti Jean Lynch
Jenette Goldstein was:
Portrait of Marvin J. McIntyreMarvin J. McIntyre
MP Zeke
Marvin J. McIntyre was:
Portrait of Don CalfaDon Calfa
Howard Buckely
Don Calfa was:
Portrait of John DiSantiJohn DiSanti
Det. Marvin Powell
John DiSanti was:
Portrait of Robert LesserRobert Lesser
Sgt. Mueller
Robert Lesser was:
Portrait of James Hooks ReynoldsJames Hooks Reynolds
George Spota
James Hooks Reynolds was:
Portrait of Curtis W. SimsCurtis W. Sims
Sgt. Garfield
Curtis W. Sims was:
Portrait of Rick ZumwaltRick Zumwalt
Bully in Bar
Rick Zumwalt was:
Portrait of Rosalyn MarshallRosalyn Marshall
Lawrence's Secretary
Rosalyn Marshall was:
Portrait of Jessie Lawrence FergusonJessie Lawrence Ferguson
Pilot at Travis AFB
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson was:
Portrait of Larry JenkinsLarry Jenkins
MP Dutton
Larry Jenkins was:
Portrait of Jesse D. GoinsJesse D. Goins
MP Bygrave
Jesse D. Goins was:
Portrait of Kim RobillardKim Robillard
MP Mitchell
Kim Robillard was:
Portrait of Michael StrasserMichael Strasser
MP Stillwell
Michael Strasser was:
Portrait of Chuckie DavisChuckie Davis
Chuckie Davis was:
Portrait of Ron CumminsRon Cummins
Maintenance Man
Ron Cummins was:
Portrait of Patrick KilpatrickPatrick Kilpatrick
Patrick Kilpatrick was:
Portrait of John Allen VickJohn Allen Vick
Post Commander
John Allen Vick was:
Portrait of Michael FosbergMichael Fosberg
Capt. Gordon
Michael Fosberg was:
Portrait of Joe HartJoe Hart
Bully's Bar Pal ("Arrowhead")
Joe Hart was:
Portrait of Clay WilcoxClay Wilcox
Bully's Bar Pal ("Arrowhead")
Clay Wilcox was:
Portrait of Bob RochelleBob Rochelle
Bully's Bar Pal ("Arrowhead")
Bob Rochelle was:
Portrait of Susan SaigerSusan Saiger
Susan Saiger was:
Portrait of Ruth de SosaRuth de Sosa
Ruth de Sosa was:
Portrait of Tracy TanenTracy Tanen
Peale's Receptionist
Tracy Tanen was:
Portrait of Peter FitzsimmonsPeter Fitzsimmons
Patrolman Schmidt
Peter Fitzsimmons was:
Portrait of Pete AnticoPete Antico
Patrolman Dotson
Pete Antico was:
Portrait of Dean R. MillerDean R. Miller
Dean R. Miller was:
Portrait of Jophery C. BrownJophery C. Brown
Jophery C. Brown was:
Portrait of Justin De RosaJustin De Rosa
Justin De Rosa was:
Portrait of Allan GrafAllan Graf
Allan Graf was:
Portrait of Frank OrsattiFrank Orsatti
Frank Orsatti was:
Portrait of Peter KwongPeter Kwong
Squad Room Officer
Peter Kwong was:
Portrait of Bob DelegallBob Delegall
Squad Room Lieutenant
Bob Delegall was:
Portrait of Richard KwongRichard Kwong
Chinese Kitchen Chef
Richard Kwong was:
Portrait of Sam ArnoldSam Arnold
Military Officer (uncredited)
Sam Arnold was:
Portrait of Conrad HurttConrad Hurtt
Captain (uncredited)
Conrad Hurtt was:
Portrait of Ronnie Rondell Jr.Ronnie Rondell Jr.
Man In Bar (uncredited)
Ronnie Rondell Jr. was:
Portrait of Theodore Carl SoderbergTheodore Carl Soderberg
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Theodore Carl Soderberg was:
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