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Release Date: 1978-09-01 (43 years ago)
Ann-Mari Max Hansen
Ann-Mari Max Hansen was:
Helle Hertz
Helle Hertz was:
Jannie Faurschou
Jannie Faurschou was:
Berrit Kvorning
Berrit Kvorning was:
Lene Brøndum
Lene Brøndum was:
Ulla Gottlieb
Ulla Gottlieb was:
Susanne Breuning
Susanne Breuning was:
Else Benedikte Madsen
Else Benedikte Madsen was:
Johannes Rosing
Johannes Rosing was:
Benny Poulsen
Benny Poulsen was:
Kurt Ravn
Kurt Ravn was:
Carsten Brandt
Carsten Brandt was:
Kjeld Nørgaard
Kjeld Nørgaard was:
Jesper Christensen
Jesper Christensen was:
Ole Thestrup
Ole Thestrup was:
Kurt Guldbæk
Kurt Guldbæk was:
Elin Reimer
Elin Reimer was:
Henning Palner
Henning Palner was:
Kjeld Løfting
Kjeld Løfting was:
Vigga Bro
Vigga Bro was:
Laila Andersson
Laila Andersson was:
Lene Larsen
Lene Larsen was:
Brigitte Kolerus
Brigitte Kolerus was:
Pia Ahnfelt-Rønne
Pia Ahnfelt-Rønne was:
Inger Gleerup
Inger Gleerup was:
Ulla Henningsen
Ulla Henningsen was:
Charlotte Grumme
Charlotte Grumme was:
Hanne Nielsen
Hanne Nielsen was:
Julie Wieth
Julie Wieth was:
Solveig Kallenbach
Solveig Kallenbach was:
Marie-Louise Coninck
Marie-Louise Coninck was:
Merete Arnstrøm
Merete Arnstrøm was:
Kim Menzer
Kim Menzer was:
Beatrice Palner
Beatrice Palner was:
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