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The Russian Singer

The Russian Singer

Release Date: 1993-01-15 (28 years ago)
Ole Lemmeke
Jack Andersen
Ole Lemmeke was:
Igor Yasulovich
Pjotr Demichev
Igor Yasulovich was:
Jesper Christensen
Jesper Christensen was:
Elena Butenko
Elena Butenko was:
Vsevolod Larionov
Vsevolod Larionov was:
Igor Volkov
Igor Volkov was:
Erik Mørk
Erik Mørk was:
Andrei Yorenev
Andrei Yorenev was:
Igor Statsenko
Igor Statsenko was:
Gleb Plaksin
Gleb Plaksin was:
Vladimir Troshin
Vladimir Troshin was:
Yuri Sherstnev
Yuri Sherstnev was:
Gennady Nikiforov
Gennady Nikiforov was:
Vladimir Grammatikov
Vladimir Grammatikov was:
Vladimir Neznanov
Vladimir Neznanov was:
Margrethe Koytu
Margrethe Koytu was:
Stig Hoffmeyer
Stig Hoffmeyer was:
Vladimir Doscenko
Vladimir Doscenko was:
Alexander Zshabin
Alexander Zshabin was:
Victor Lazarev
Victor Lazarev was:
Natalia Martinson
Natalia Martinson was:
Inga Butkevich
Inga Butkevich was:
Klavdia Kozlenkova
Klavdia Kozlenkova was:
Valery Nikitin
Valery Nikitin was:
Vladimir Panjev
Vladimir Panjev was:
Bruce Conover
Bruce Conover was:
Nikita Pomersnzev
Nikita Pomersnzev was:
Alexander Gostev
Alexander Gostev was:
Natalia Sanjarova
Natalia Sanjarova was:
Olga Kudryashova
Olga Kudryashova was:
Raya Sazanova
Raya Sazanova was:
Svetlana Japhinskaya
Svetlana Japhinskaya was:
Grigory Nabatov
Grigory Nabatov was:
Dmitry Khaustov
Dmitry Khaustov was:
Vagif Sadikhov
Vagif Sadikhov was:
Stanislav Grigorjev
Stanislav Grigorjev was:
Igor Kantyukov
Igor Kantyukov was:
Ivan Yurchenko
Ivan Yurchenko was:
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