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Har du set Alice?

Har du set Alice?

Release Date: 1981-09-28 (40 years ago)
Heidi Zahle Thomsen
Heidi Zahle Thomsen was:
Laura Kamis Wrang
Laura Kamis Wrang was:
Lars Top Galia
Lars Top Galia was:
Carl Quist Møller
Carl Quist Møller was:
Ole Ernst
Ole Ernst was:
Ulla Henningsen
Ulla Henningsen was:
Otto Brandenburg
Alice's Father
Otto Brandenburg was:
Karen Margrethe Bjerre
Berit's Mother
Karen Margrethe Bjerre was:
Jannie Faurschou
Carl's Mother
Jannie Faurschou was:
Søren Spanning
David's Brother
Søren Spanning was:
Jesper Christensen
Jesper Christensen was:
Lars Junggreen
Lars Junggreen was:
Michael Obel
Michael Obel was:
Eva Madsen
Eva Madsen was:
Holger Vistisen
Holger Vistisen was:
Lisbet Gad
Lisbet Gad was:
Margrethe Koytu
Margrethe Koytu was:
Lone Lindorff
Lone Lindorff was:
Jørn Faurschou
Jørn Faurschou was:
Anthony Michael
Anthony Michael was:
Else Danielsen
Else Danielsen was:
Benny Dahl
Benny Dahl was:
Bo Larsen
Bo Larsen was:
Jørgen Melskens
Jørgen Melskens was:
Malte Haugaard
Malte Haugaard was:
Jens Peter Andreasen
Jens Peter Andreasen was:
Carsten Fromberg
Carsten Fromberg was:
Arne Kørschen
Arne Kørschen was:
Jan Larsen
Jan Larsen was:
Dorthe Mikkelsen
Dorthe Mikkelsen was:
Simon Plum
Simon Plum was:
Stig Ramsing
Stig Ramsing was:
Frank Rosin
Frank Rosin was:
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